Happy Pride Everyone!

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Happy Pride, everyone.

Happy Pride, everyone. (Including Friends and Allies.) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Happy Pride to you too,

Happy Pride to you too, Andy. Hope you had a very festive week of celebration.

It certainly had been a grand week of celebration, and remembrance here in the TC's.


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Happy pride to you too!

Happy pride to you too!

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I love that picture,

I love that picture, Andy.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Y'know, I'm not the biggest flag-waver in the community at all, and certainly not the loudest speaker -- I'm just me and speak plain language all year 'round, but, it is very nice to see the imagery all through June, and it's good to go to the Pride festivities once a year.

Happy Pride to you, too.