Mardi Gras at Summer Solstice!!

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Here's my tribute to the start of summer...a delicious pair of wintry mitts in my first painted handspun that is plied on itself (versus plying the painted fiber with a natural colored fiber). I had thought I was spoiled for knitting, but knitting with my own handspun like this--and on a favorite quick-fix pattern--helped me fall in love with knitting again.

I'm including a view of my latest yarn...I love the colors so much I can hardly contain myself. I used to have trouble picking a favorite color...I have always thought in colorways, even before I knew what they were...but I've come to realize I unconsciously (or consciously) fixate on a sort of Caribbean blue-green mix. And thanks to a wonderful woman named Gale, I have these colors in a lovely shot of yarn! Did this on knit in public day...even made it into the paper while spinning. I couldn't go to bed until this yarn had been spun, plied, bathed, and hung to dry. I love the colors that much. Okay, I'll include a shot of the wool! Bon apetit!

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Great job, Willy! --

Great job, Willy! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Outstanding job! I love the

Outstanding job! I love the colors...

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Wow... those look great. I

Wow... those look great. I almost can't figure out exactly what you've done pre-knitting with the coloring and plying and handspinning etc. Sounds amazing though. Great job.

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I absolutely love these!

I absolutely love these! the colors are fantastic, and I'm not much of a color person, I prefer black, and if I feel daring sometimes I even wear camo, but these I would definately wear.
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