Rambling Rows (revised & reposted)

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I'm told pictures can now be added and some of you have asked to see it so here goes:

Let me tell you this is gonna' have to be one deaf baby to get this one - otherwise it's so loud that poor baby will never sleep! (The closeup which is the brighter of the two pics is most like the actual blanket.)

I started this blanket over a year ago - set it aside and forgot about it. My wife went out of town for a few days last week so I decided to pick it up and finish it while she was gone - so it went from 20% to 100% completed. Woo-hoo!

I used about 5 skeins Encore yarn, US #9 needles, and the Rambling Rows pattern - except I did 2 rows stockinette, 2 rows garter in alternating colors instead of all garter stitch as the pattern calls for.

And yes, Mmario - it's that Colorado Scarf Spruce again doing the modeling!

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It's beautiful, I can't

It's beautiful, I can't wait to get to germany and run around pillaging the yarn shops. Ruben has even done a bit of scout work for me. I definately would like to try something like this, maybe in bright colors for my new grandson.
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Wow. Rick that looks great.

Wow. Rick that looks great. I think I might've seen pieces of it before (or maybe pics)? Am I not remembering correctly? It looks really great. Congratulations!

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Yeah - you saw me working on

Yeah - you saw me working on it about a year ago - it wasn't hard, it just got set aside! Thanks.


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I did a mitered square

I did a mitered square afghan, well, got some of the squares done anyhow, but mine were all one size and, I'll admit, quite predictable and boring. The use of all different sizes really makes this one work. Very beautiful!

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Great job! I think that

Great job! I think that should be in an art show. The different shades of violet, blue...indigo, maybe? Mixed, and then when viewed up close the individual stitching adds even more. That's beautiful!

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I'm so glad you shared these

I'm so glad you shared these pics!

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Great looking blanket. Are

Great looking blanket. Are the miters due to decreases, or increases? I've seen it both ways in books but the rectangles that are part of the pattern stump me. Great inspiration for a "Use Up the Stash" project. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I've had several people

I've had several people asking this question - so here goes the answer:

The mitres are done by decreasing. You cast on a multiple of 6 stitches (that works to make both squares and rectangles). For the squares at the halfway point you do a k2tog to make a right leaning decrease then a ssk on the next two stitches to make a left leaning decrease on the front of the work. The back is worked either in stockinette or garter whichever you prefer (or alternately as I did on this one). For the rectangle at the 1/3 point you do the same thing, then again at the 2/3 point. So for example you cast on 24 stitches and at the 8th stitch do your decrease then again at the 16th stitch. So you decrease by four stitches on all of the squares every front side row, and by eight stitches on the rectangles. Does that make sense?

In order to make the squares and rectangles line up you cast on half the number of stitches for the rectangle as for the square - but remember for some mathematical reason they must both be multiples of 6. (And the small squares are cast on with the same number of stitches as the rectangle.)


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Thanks, Rick. I'll have to

Thanks, Rick. I'll have to settle myself in a comfy chair and try this out. The only problem is getting enough of the WIPs finished to justify starting a new project. I appreciate the instructions, though. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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