I'm messing with Texas.

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I've moved from Oakland, CA to Austin, TX! I've already met some great female knitters (with knitting themed tattoos and all), but haven't met any guys yet. If you ever visit these parts, be sure to send me a message!


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Show those Texas boys how

Show those Texas boys how it's done! I hope for you all the best no matter where you are
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I agree with Scottly......

I agree with Scottly...... Austin is wonderful. Comapared to where I'm at in Houston. Ugghhh..... I must come visit you now!

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come on! i've got the top

come on! i've got the top rated air mattress on amazon ;)

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Darrell, good luck on your

Darrell, good luck on your move. I am sure a guy like you will have tons of friends in no time.

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Go and watch the bats fly

Go and watch the bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue bridge. it's the largest urban bat colony in North America, and quite a site.

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i should definitely do

i should definitely do that... i live two blocks from the congress bridge and should see why "austin is batty" for myself!

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I grew up in Texas and lived

I grew up in Texas and lived in Austin for a couple of years after I got out of college. It's a great town and if for some strange reason I had to go back to Texas, that's the only place I could live.

If Kerby Lane is still open, it used to be a great place (but crowded) for breakfast. Or for an early breakfast after being out late.
Chuy's has great Mexican food and strong margaritas.
There's a chain of Mexican restaurants out of Houston called Papasito's that I love. Not sure if they're in Austin now or not.
If you're a sun worshiper, check out Hippie Hollow at the lake, there's probably still a clothing-optional section farthest from the parking lot. It's really crazy on Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend when tons of gay people descend for First Splash and Last Splash. After going there, head to the bar on the top of the hill and have a drink to watch the sun set. I think it's either called the Patio or the Oasis, can't remember.
We also used to ride inner tubes down the Guadalupe river near New Braunfels. Fun, but be careful going over the rapids.

Wasn't a knitter then, so don't have any recs for you. My Dad still lives in New Braunfels and my Mom is in San Antonio, so if I make to Austin, I'll let you know.

Good luck!

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We love Austin! Some of our

We love Austin! Some of our best friends live there. I know your life will be very good there.

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Oh, I've been to

Oh, I've been to Austin!!!

It's a neat city. We drove there from Waverly, Ohio, back in 1990, through two ice storms just to see my sisters for my last Christmas at home.

Strange...the ice storms through Tennessee and Arkansas were the worst, but right there crossing the border into Texas, it was as if someone drew a line and there was the bluest skies and the most perfect weather driving from there all the way down.

I think one of the best things I like about Texas is the sunsets.

Well, good luck to you; hope you're doing well.


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What took you to Austin?

What took you to Austin?

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Lucky you! Ausitin is

Lucky you! Ausitin is beauiful. It's different from the rest of Texas. Without slighting an entire state, I think that Austin is just more accessible to non Texans then the rest of the state. I would love to live in Austin.

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You moved to Austin?! Wow.

You moved to Austin?! Wow. We just met a couple of guys who moved here in Denver from Austin last fall. I'm sure you'll love Austin although I've never been, just heard great things. Wish you luck!