Aspen Leaf Wrap

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I made this shawl/wrap for a friend recently diagnosed with an agressive breast cancer. She will be undergoing a double mastectomy in about a week.

This shawl by Evelyn A. Clark was perfect - a VERY fast knit. I used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool (45% Wool/35% Silk/20% Nylon) and a US #9 needle. Due to the yarn and bigger needle size I did the scarf size however it turned out to be 25"x68" and could easily have been blocked even larger.

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Gorgeous scarf, what a great

Gorgeous scarf, what a great gift. I hope all goes well with your friend.

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Excellent job!!! Your

Excellent job!!! Your friend is sure to love it!

I love Evelyn Clark's lace patterns. They're so well written, easy to follow, and always just lovely!

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Rick, beautiful wrap, and

Rick, beautiful wrap, and the yarn looks lovely.

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Just what the world needs,

Just what the world needs, another tree hugger O.o

But beautiful none the less!
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Absolutely gorgeous! Your

Absolutely gorgeous! Your friend will love it. Can I ask you how long it took to knit?

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Something peculiar going on

Something peculiar going on - I answered this but it didn't show up - so if it's a double posting I'm sorry - it took about eight to ten hours over about a week and a half - but I've been told I'm pretty fast. But I'm not sure if they were talking about my knitting!


Very beautiful Rick! What a

Very beautiful Rick! What a nice gift. I love the blue....

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SilkyWool is one of my

SilkyWool is one of my favorite yarns for lace projects. And you've done a beautiful job - very nice indeed!

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As Dave said...Lovely. --

As Dave said...Lovely. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Another beautiful piece - I

Another beautiful piece - I have envy issues!

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I have to agree with

I have to agree with everyone so did a beautiful job on choose some of the most interesting and beautiful yarns and colors for your projects and your knitting is superb.

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Ah, gee. You guys flatter

Ah, gee. You guys flatter me way too much - afterall it's just sticks and string right?

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It's that Colorada Scarf

It's that Colorada Scarf Spruce that's your secret, right?

(BTW - it makes a great model and background)

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Gorgeous as usual! You have

Gorgeous as usual! You have become a true master of lace knitting.


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Lovely... Dave Istanbul,

Istanbul, Turkey

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Nice! Simple, elegant, and

Nice! Simple, elegant, and the colour is great. YOur stitches are so d8mn even! I'm jealous!


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Thanks for the compliment -

Thanks for the compliment - and now I'm back to the Wedding Peacock - fortunately the daughter still has no bf that I'm aware of so I should be able to finish it before any wedding!

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Anticipatory knitting helps

Anticipatory knitting helps meet those crucial deadlines.....*grin*