Lace'd Not, Want Knot-The Lover Tank #1 and 2

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I'm ready to try my hand at some lace, but a runner, shawl, tablecloth, curtains seem to run contrary to my Viking, pillage and plunder ancestry. Update is below.

Don't get me wrong, I have great respect for doilies and antimacassars and teapot cozies - especially in winter when the fire goes out.

I cast a baleful eye on the choices laid out in a web-search for something to make...then, lo and behold...a WIFE-BEATER! Be still, my heart!

Has anyone made the Lover Tank By Sarah Briscoe? Is there a better and wiser lace stitch? Technical suggestions, fibers, idiosyncrasies, things to avoid, lurid details of what you did in yours?

I will need to make some size adjustments, but the English Mesh lace looks near enough to what I had in mind. My business model for knitting for bodybuilders may have another entry.

UPDATE: I found a suitable yarn, one that several knitters at Seaport Yarns recommended for similar use in other garments worn by the hirsute...Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep. 80% Cotton and 20% Merino. Has a great hand, and knits up to gauge for the pattern. As usual, I'm doing it in the round, and I am using a sewing machine to steek the top curves. Fire Engine Red. The mesh looks like a winner. Was working on it at lunch at the gym...the questions I fielded and the attention it got bodes well.

UPDATE #2 - Today I was seduced, hog-tied and had my frontal lobes shut down. Not from Fleet Week, or some other distractions walking about town. I clapped eyes on Colibri, a Spanish fiber of cotton and acrylic, that has the cotton running as very thick and thin slubs. Like all the Latinos I like, this one is cafe con leche on the outside, sensual and, MIOS DIOS!, a heart-breaker on the inside. Stockinette looks like Burnt Out, the cotton fabric that appears to be 100 years worn, but still strong and supple. I spent the day playing with my new friend...heh, heh, heh!


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god I love the banter on

god I love the banter on this thread... keeps me giggling...

I have a lovely light sweater that is 59%silk and 41%linen. I can only wear it when I have a ripped stomach...otherwise it makes me look pregnant... So am wearing it now in celebration of efforts for the past year. I am quite well endowed in the hair department too but no problem ... the stitch is dense but open... yes seems like a contradition but it is a weird stitch that I have never seen before, like overlayed circles on one side and ribbed on the other...yes machine knit. The sweater shows off the pecs and the shoulders without hair poking through... best of luck with you one... and by the way, no I haven't tried wearing it with nipple rings... mine too sensitive ... but I adore nipple rings on guys in business shirts
Istanbul, Turkey

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I liked the looks of this

I liked the looks of this tank top, but figured it would get snagged on the nipple rings far too much and decided against it. That and the fact that I just don't have the body for it (anymore).

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Those of us with nipple

Those of us with nipple rings really do get scared of lace near them. Eek.

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My Rag Hags at the LYS

My Rag Hags at the LYS disagree (their term, not mine). Provocative metal gleams and a sinistral suspicion of your enjoyment, plus your handsome visage says otherwise.

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I love the irony of Vikings

I love the irony of Vikings in English lace. I am thinking that you will have to razor your chest in order for the pattern to be seen. Either way I await with baited breath for pictures of you in lace.

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Ironic? Perhaps. The Saxons

Ironic? Perhaps. The Saxons might take exception. More "quirky", I'd say. Manscaping may be in order, or a tight pec shot for detail. I'll let the stylists decide.

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Either manscape before-hand

Either manscape before-hand or just let the hair get pulled out as it gets trapped in the stitches and ripped out. Could make for a VERY interesting manscape pattern afterall.

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Michael, this sounds like

Michael, this sounds like the voice of experience. When you wear your lace, what do you do to prevent the heartbreak of textile depilation?

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Manscaping is my first

Manscaping is my first choice. Philips came out with a great men's body shaver for all areas below the neck a few years ago. I will say though that my furry fields are nothing compared to those in your profile pic.

As for a yarn suggestion

As for a yarn suggestion consider trying Nashua Cilantro Stretch Cotton Yarn, I tried some of this out at a yarn tasting event. It has a fair amount of stretch to it and given the larger gauge of the yarn should help with producing the larger size of finished work. Just a suggestion.

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Thanks Ed...I will try your

Thanks Ed...I will try your suggestion. I have found that twisting the knit stitches with cotton/linen helps also. This pattern in the round requires a knit row between the yo's and K2TOG rows, so I'm optimistic.