African Adventure Bag

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Finished this several days ago. The final size, 48cmx48cm.

June 5, 2009 Finished weaving in ends last night. Here are pics of it pre-felted. Washed it in hot water and it turned out great. After it dries, I'll post a final pic. Oh, and still need to knit, felt and attach the strap.

African Adventure Bag - pre-felting 001 African Adventure Bag - pre-felting 004 African Adventure Bag - pre-felting 003

In celebration of the 1000th member joining the HorstSchulzFans group on Ravelry, we kicked off a KAL. The design is knitted in the round and as some of you know, I knit flat on two needles, so the pattern is morphing into more of a sack. The shells are all knitted and now working on joining them. Then will add a handle and felt it. So more pics as it progresses...


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congrats, it looks great.

congrats, it looks great.

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You do such incredibly

You do such incredibly interesting and beautiful work...that is a gorgeous piece of knitting.

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Well done Rick, I might pop

Well done Rick,
I might pop over after work... yes I have to work on a Saturday... supervise screaming kids and disgruntled parents in the school swimming pool... fund raiser day... so called Fun Day... So will drop by and ... hear a few stories about what the boys got up to in Italy I guess... did they come back with grins from ear to ear?
Istanbul, Turkey

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Truly awsome, I always love

Truly awsome, I always love your work. It inspires me to think outside the box.

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Looks really great, Rick.

Looks really great, Rick. My guess is that you pick up stitches on the previous piece, then join everything together as you knit by attaching the other pieces as you go. (Similar to entrelac.) Sounds very tricky but not so hard once you get used to it. Never tried any of Horst Schulz's designs but have read through a couple of things about them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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This has my curiosity by the

This has my curiosity by the collar. It's beeeeutiful and looking at it, I can't imagine how it's done. Is the pattern available somewhere?

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Thanks. It is deceptively

Thanks. It is deceptively simple and requires no sewing. All pieces are knitted together. The pattern is available on Ravelry as a free download. The pattern is called African Adventure Bag.

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I'm going to go hunt it

I'm going to go hunt it down... LOVE this WIP!!


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Rick, I love the design. I

I love the design. I look forward to seeing it next weekend.
Wish you a smooth and hassle free ride back from the beach... such a long trip. Maybe you will get some knitting done on the bus??? I don't think I'm ready to do something as public as that yet, although my socks would be perfect for it.
Have safe trip back to Istanbul.
Istanbul, Turkey

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Too cool! Reminds me of

Too cool! Reminds me of Escher.

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Again, nice work. I'm also

Again, nice work. I'm also confused as to how this would be knit in the round with the stitches changing direction with each section. I'm probably just not thinking laterally enough...

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No, you're right. The

No, you're right. The shells are knitted flat. And they are knitted together flat to make strips that are then joined end to end to make bands. The bands are then knitted together in the round. That's the part that I can't do. The bag is esentially 3 bands of shells that are joined together in the round. I know, that's not very clear... I'll add more pics.

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Those colors with that

Those colors with that pattern is absolutely gorgeous!


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This pattern never ceases to

This pattern never ceases to astound me! I'm a little confused as to what you mean by the pattern being knitted in the round, but you knitting flat?

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See my reply to mrossnyc

See my reply to mrossnyc above. Maybe that'll explain it better...