The Knitting Gods?

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Now Scottly's recent frogging disaster sparks another name: The Knitting Gods! Keep adding to the list, guys! I've noticed that the men who merely repackage old stuff with new yarns or marketing have not appeared. Good job!

QueerJoe gets my editorial Hoo-Yah tribal yell for best use of a phrase to define the whiff of testosterone in that pile of roving...Male Knit-Design Heroes.

We have contendahs! Think, gentleman! Who else need be included in a list of designers, knitters, textile artists, artisans, artists or someone as being the best the Men Who Knit KNOW? The membership will google all of them, no doubt, so autobiographies are unneeded.

And what might happen if editors and publishers of magazines started getting emails and letters with strong and terse suggestions that they google these names as well? I wonder.

See here now...I didn't say heard about. Or someone suggested by your bartender. Or the one your nearest and dearest swears by. Loved ones who taught you to knit as a tadpole are charming, but not easily discovered by other knitters. I am talking about leaders in our art, our craft, our passion.

Ya gotta KNOW. You know because this person struck a deep chord in your creative psyche and inspires you to want to make fabric. Objects. Rugs. Lace. Whatever. Don't care if they're nose wipes for are in love with these guys because they SPEAK to you. They tell the truth. They testify.

If you agree with an earlier entry, no need to reinforce with another, and another and another mention, ad nauseum. Think of who's not on the list YET, and needs to be.

This is the knowledge we all possess. Much more useful than mere information...because you will KNOW. And it will be fun to discover someone you don't know...and should!


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I was initially highly

I was initially highly inspired like a lot of us by Kaffe Fassett. Since then, my male knit-designer hero is Ron Schweitzer...his Fair Isle patterns are spectacular and he's an incredibly sweet man.

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Don't you just hate it when

Don't you just hate it when you vaguely remember the name of a guy who was German, designed lace and intricate openwork that screams to be made, but you can't put your mind to'll come to me.

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Herbert Niebling? MMario -

Herbert Niebling?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

QueerJoe's picture could I have could I have forgotten that obvious name...Niebling was brilliant.

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Thanks for the stage prompt,

Thanks for the stage prompt, MMario. By the way, I believe he is a "playa" here as well. But I will take the Swiss option and let someone else do the deed.

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Also, Robert Hilstad, a

Also, Robert Hilstad, a fellow Nebaskan...

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Horst Schulz is one of us.

Horst Schulz is one of us. Leaned to knit in a refugee camp as a boy. Two published books that I now of...

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Another is Barry Klein. He

Another is Barry Klein. He is a co-author of "The Ultimated Knitted Tee" and has done some magazine work.

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I currently have "Fair Isle

I currently have "Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified" which begins with the story of Eugene Bourgeois and his wife Ann starting "Philosopher's Wool". He produces the wool and his wife knits. Not a renowned knitter, but a start.
to look at the book. Anyway, thats one. Next......