download link; Mahler

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I was just told by a friend that this download service is free, and relatively fast, so I've uploaded the Mahler recording, and hope you'll all enjoy!



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STUNNING WORK! - and a great recording - the internet is an amazing thing... a recording can be sent around the world - and played... and it's so clear and crisp...

thank you!!!


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I'll have another go at

I'll have another go at following the link... it is early evening here so the internet not so reliable... I'll try it later on and enjoy listening and knitting to it...thx
Istanbul, Turkey

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Okay, I'm listening to it

Okay, I'm listening to it right now....and honestly, I like it a lot better than the version that I have (with LA Philharmonic and Zubin Mehta). Congrats on such a great recording!

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wow, you've made my, and I'm

wow, you've made my, and I'm sure the orchestra's day! better than Zubin Mehta is one hell of a big compliment, I am glad you enjoyed it, I will also upload barber later today!

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You deserve every single

You deserve every single bits of the compliments. :-)

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WOW!!! I listened to this


I listened to this and it's absolutely magnificent!



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Yay!!! Downloading now!

Yay!!! Downloading now!