Squares For Jason's Blanket

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I finished my 2nd square for the blanket we are making Jason and thought I would show a picture.


Also, because my somewhat obsessive/compulsive mindset works that way, I decided to weight both squares to get an idea of how many I can get from a skein of Vanna's Choice. Plus a few had asked that and I live to be accommodating you know. :-)

One square was 25gm and the other 27gm, so I figure 3 healthy sized squares per skein and I'm sure Kyle will appreciate any leftover yarn to seam the squares together.

Tonight I am going to my weekly knit night to draft each of them into making a square to contribute. Even going to bring 30gm balls of yarn so they have no excuse. I was kinda known for being pushy when I was the Knitting Guild Program chair, for some reason they liked that.


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Very nice, I really like the

Very nice, I really like the stitch pattern on the red one.

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Vince, you're such a

Vince, you're such a show-off -- posting pictures everywhere you can. lol. Great squares! I finished one tonight but I won't dare embarrass myself by trying to post it! I've been down that road already.

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LOL, after you complete the

LOL, after you complete the "Posting Pictures Of Knitting Projects" workshop at the retreat I'm sure you will be my star pupil. :-) Honestly, the picture posting on this site has challenged me. Now I just upload them to my Photobucket account and it gives you the codes to copy and paste.

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I went to my Monday Knit

I went to my Monday Knit Night and have 4 of the ladies there who took yarn to make squares, which they will bring to the knitting guild meeting next Tuesday. I'll bring all I have with me to the Mens Spring Knitting Retreat next week. Yay!

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hooray! I hope you'll give

hooray! I hope you'll give a hug to each of the ladies who are knitting squares for the blanket - remember to have them all write a little note of support to Jason as well - or you can all sign a card together or something... those written words of support always mean so much...


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I also completed and blocked

I also completed and blocked my first block last night and have nearly finished my second so they should be in the post by tomorrow. Yes great idea about the extra yarn. I did darn the tails in on the first but will leave them on the second.

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agreed - at first I was

agreed - at first I was thinking I should have noted to have everyone weave their ends in... but since the blanket will be a mixture of colors anyway, there's no reason I can't use the tails to sew squares :)

great squares, BTW - I look forward to seeing the packages start to arrive. I'll do my best to post on my blog as they get to me...



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Rats!! I wish I'd thought

Rats!! I wish I'd thought of that. Then I would have left extra long tails for sewing up and NOT have had to darn those ends in. [In more than ways than one...that's how I darn them. ;-)] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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These are great Vince! I

These are great Vince! I finished my first block last night and starting on my second now. It was such a good idea to leave lengths of yarn for seaming. I never even thought of that!


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