Getting Lion Brand Yarn in Turkey updated

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Update 5/1

I received the following email from Lion Brand Yarn this afternoon:

"Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful effort with us. It is truly inspiring to see people from all over the world band together for this kind of charity effort.

To answer your questions, in the UK, our distributor is Banyan Tree Yarns:

We don't currently have a distributor specifically in Turkey; however, I believe Banyan Tree may ship throughout the EU (the site can show prices in euros), so it may be worth it to ask them. I know there are also distributors in Israel, but I don't have their information off-hand."

I'm not sure where she got Israel and it doesn't seem like she understood what the guy in the store mentioned yesterday. She did however leave another contact for international accounts. I'll contact him and see if I can get more info...

To be continued.
I went to the Lion Brand Studio to buy my yarn and mentioned that some guys in Turkey want to participate in making squares for the blanket, but they can't get that yarn over there. The irony is that Vanna's Choice is made in Turkey.

So, he's going to talk to someone in the company to see if he can find out which mill the yarn is made at and what other brand names it's sold under in Turkey. Hopefully I'll hear something today or tomorrow.

He also held onto the flier and will either post it and/or mention it at the next men's knitting night.


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I'm looking forward to

I'm looking forward to Saturday...

Rick: savoury or sweet ?.... I'm bribing you with finger food... maybe not baklava... if we get honey all over out fingers, the yarn will cause us hell.... :)

Michael thanks again for looking out for us... yes it would be funny if we had to purchase Turkish wool from somewhere in the EU and have it shipped in ... but stranger things have happened.... and no ... I haven't used the Australian wool I picked up the other week here in Turkey ... I have never seen such ugly colour combinations back home ... and hope never will... it'll make lovely ... ahhhhh ... bedsocks...

thanks Michael and Rick... cos I was going to give up and say too hard... so I really, really appreciate what you've both done

Istanbul, Turkey

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I went to the yarn market

I went to the yarn market today and went to the shop recommended to me by a Nako rep. They said they didn't have any Vanna's Choice, so I looked around and sure enough didn't see any. Then just after I'd given up and decided that it wasn't meant to be, I saw several plastic bags full of Vanna's Choice, just outside of the shop door. They probably had 200 balls, all dark blue (navy, I hope...). The color on all of the labels I checked had been mismarked as gray. Dave and I will share a ball and knit up our squares this weekend. If the color is off, well, they can be sent along with the blanket and Jason can use them as coasters.

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That's great. I still

That's great. I still haven't heard from the other contact at Lion. Coasters are nice!

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I just got a reply from

I just got a reply from Nako. They refer me to the yarn market, so I'll go scrounge around and see what I can find.
Dear Rick, We are not producing this quality for the Turkish market but you can find similar quality and colours at the following adress. They are one of our biggest distributors in Istanbul. Kind regards,ORMO / NAKOBanu Demircioglu Shop : Gülüm Yün - Mr. Sadık Salman
Adress : Kürkçü Han K:2 N:6 Mahmutpaşa-Eminönü
Telefon : 0 212 522 92 02
Telefon 2 :

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I just found an email

I just found an email address for Nako and asked them if they sell the same yarn under a different label here in Turkey. Maybe I'll get and answer...

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You may have better luck

You may have better luck than I seem to be having...

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...most ironic that it's

...most ironic that it's made in Turkey.


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Thanks Michael for putting

Thanks Michael for putting in the leg work for us... Istanbul is both in Asia and Europe... politically not quite Europe yet ... but Rick and I both live on the European side of the physically we are in Europe :)

Rick: I'll need you to hold my hand on this one ... just like when you taught me how to do that first hat with the short rows/turns ... I hope to bring my visitor, WingWah around tomorrow night before hitting Tek Yon and the other nightclubs, so if we can get a few minutes to talk shop/knitting that would be gr8. I've never done an afghan, yes I've talked about needing to do one for Brock, my dog...

Oh my ... sounds like we might be making another trip to the Wool Bazaar ... that means yes... more yummy turkish pancakes.

Michael:thanks once again ,

Istanbul, Turkey

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Just did a quick search and

Just did a quick search and I'm sure that Nako manufactures yarn for Lions Brand. But don't know if Vanna's Turkish equivalent yarn exists nor what the Turkish name would be...

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I was CC'ed on an email

I was CC'ed on an email going through the company late this afternoon, so maybe I'll hear something tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I hear from them.

I didn't write it in my original post, but I also asked about getting the yarn in mainland Europe as well. Not sure if Turkey is now considered Europe, but you know what I mean.

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Thanks. I'll await word. ll

Thanks. I'll await word.

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wow Turkey! that's

wow Turkey! that's amazing...

I tried to use a yarn that was widely available - I had no idea it'd go so "international" (even though I guess it IS international since most of us are in the USA and we're sending the care package to the Netherlands...

Thanks for spreading the word!! :)