Just a Cardigan

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Thought I would share some of my projects

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Thanks guys, the attachment

Thanks guys, the attachment is something else I am working on , added it by accident.

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This is an extremely

This is an extremely handsome sweater. Your cable work is wonderful. Did you knit it in the round or back and forth?

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I'm drooling on my monitor-

I'm drooling on my monitor- break out the Windex!

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"just a cardigan" he says!

"just a cardigan" he says! Wow is what I say! Its very impressive.

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"Just a Cardigan" is just

"Just a Cardigan" is just beautiful!

Excellent cable work: I really like the braids in between the singles.


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hahaha..."Just a

hahaha..."Just a Cardigan"...you do fine work. What a perfectly classic sweater that anyone would want in their wardrobe. Thanks for posting it.

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QueerJoe stole my

QueerJoe stole my sentiment...I'm thinking of working each of those cables, and then calling it "Just a Cardigan." And did I see an attachment with colorwork? Was that "Just another sweater"? Good work, man!

And as a sidenote, I envy that afghan in the background.

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Great work! The cables are

Great work! The cables are beautiful and I like the color design on the attachment.

I love this cabled cardigan,

I love this cabled cardigan, and the Kaffe Fassett is wonderful. Well done.