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Here are some pic's of my LYS and also the place I work three days a week (I am supposed to be retired lol). I am no photographer so please excuse the poor quality.

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YOWZA!! ('nuff said)Books,

YOWZA!! ('nuff said)Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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OMG! I would be in big

OMG! I would be in big trouble.


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Sweet gig...despite a full

Sweet gig...despite a full time job where I travel quite a bit, I used to work at two of my local yarn stores a few years back...I called it volunteering, but they really did pay me to work there.

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If I worked there, my closet

If I worked there, my closet stash would start to look like the store. What a great selection!

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I wish I had a place like

I wish I had a place like that to just "go wild in". The next time we go to Toronto I am definitely going to have to pay a visit. The few shops we have here are very small and very expensive. Thanks for sharing.

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Lol, just a wee warning,

Lol, just a wee warning, there is over 6000 sq ft of store space so allow yourself a lot of time to see and feel everything. After doing the street level part of the store, there is a discount basement which also houses fibres for spining and felting as well as spining wheels and looms. Lots of cone yarn for hand or machine knitting. So pack a lunch and come spend the day with us.

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It looks like your LYS is

It looks like your LYS is Romney wool- is it? I love it there. They taught me how to use a drop spindle.

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Yes you are right "Romni

Yes you are right "Romni Wools" on Queen West. I work Monday, Thur and Friday. Say hi and introduce yourself the next time you are in if I am there.

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WOW! Lucky you for the

WOW! Lucky you for the environment in which you get to hang out. Whew! How do you decide after being able to see and 'feel' any of the wool (and the synthetic acrylic, I'm sure) in the place, what you will next take home...or, should I ask, how big is your stash? Hehe. And, on the other hand, you must meet some wonderful people. I've always run into people while in yarn shops who are very happy with their hobby and love sharing about their projects, and offer help, too. Good for you!

P.S. It can't very hard for you to 'suggestive sell' huh? Hehe. Love you, sir!

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WOW . . what an inventory!

WOW . . what an inventory! No one can leave your LYS and say there wasn't a good choice of yarns! :)

Very nice!!