If I start a retreat down here in alabama would any of u guys be interersted in coming to the retreat?

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12% (22 votes)
20% (38 votes)
5% (10 votes)
too far
57% (106 votes)
sorry not for me
5% (10 votes)
Total votes: 186


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You gave only one yes

You gave only one yes possibility and a lot of no possibilities.

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How about Atlanta or

How about Atlanta or Charlotte for a future retreat?

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I would find it very

I would find it very difficult to travel presently. I live in california and my job (RN) makes it hard to schedule dates. If anything were to pop up here, I would very much be interested.

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sorry, but too far for me.

sorry, but too far for me. New York City is closer for me.

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Where in AL? If it is in

Where in AL? If it is in So. AL such as Mobile I might be in.

When? How about July 4th weekend?

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It is starting to look like

It is starting to look like a summer retreat is going to be a bit too close to pull off. How about Fall? There is a craft show at the Sawmill campground Oct. 23 here in FL. Does that sound good to anyone?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

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I would definitely be

I would definitely be interested in that. I live in Florida and can't afford to travel to NY or CA or even the Midwest. But I can handle Florida! LOL

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CA here, too. But what a

CA here, too. But what a great idea, a knitting retreat! Just imagine the . . . what's the word? The honest to god relaxation opportunity. Contrast the concept of a Knitting Optional Retreat with, say, a group of 10 as couples-or-not who drive over to Reno for gambling. Half of the partners aren't gamblers. And half of those just want to sit around but feel awkward saying so. If there are knitters (plural) amongst 'em, problem solved. As the gamblers leave for the slots, we knitters could tell them to win big and we'll knit 'em some socks.

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everyone who is interested

everyone who is interested in the retreat send me a email and let me know what dates u have open this summer

Considering I hate

Considering I hate flying...I suppose I will not be attending any ever....ugh.

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well, being in Mississippi,

well, being in Mississippi, am very intrigued with the idea.

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Out in the hiderlands of

Out in the hiderlands of Wyoming, every retreat seems like a long way off. Plus, factor in the poor transportation connections and the high costs involved in ANY travel, you can see why it wouldn't be very convenient for me. Sounds lovely, though, and makes for a nice dream. (Same with Dave's offer to visit Istanbul. Yowza!) We'd take any location by storm. Wouldn't eyes POP if 20+ guys staged a knit-in at a local hangout? -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
You should also see the guys on Ravelry. I am from California as well so to go there to the east coast is kind of out of the way, God to go to Oregon or Washington is out of the way lol! WIth the right Air Fare and the right accomodations you can have a great Retreat!

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California, too, so

California, too, so Alabama's probably too far :-(

I something comes of it all the same. Good luck!

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But if you would set one up

But if you would set one up here in Turkey I'd go...

I could take you all on tours around the city... we could all go to the hamams and have some fun :)

Think about it and get back to me :)

Istanbul, Turkey

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It would pretty much depend

It would pretty much depend on when and if I can get there, etc...

...but yeah, it would sound like an awesome adventure.

I'm a "maybe."


Coming from Tennessee, that

Coming from Tennessee, that would be much more convenient than the other retreats I've seen, but there's just too many variables to commit yet. Chalk me up as a solid maybe.

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California here. :(

California here. :(