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Hello To whoever reads this...

 I am have been knitting now for nearly two years as one of my hobbies. I do not know many patterns to Knit as of right now, but I do make great scarfs and dish clothes.

Some may ask how I found out about this page... Well to tell the truth my mom found out about it from the priest at her chruch who is also a knitter and told her about this site...

Well I guess this is all for now.

Knitting Rocks



Thanks everyone for saying

Thanks everyone for saying hi.

I am still new at this but hey, I love a place where men who knit can get together.

To rbthntschl sure i would love the afghan pattern based on a the wash cloth.

Speaking of dish clothes I just finished making 8 in the last 7 days. which is a lot for me since I only get about 2 hours a day to knit these days.



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Welcome!  I do a lot of

Welcome!  I do a lot of dishcloths too.  There is nothing like washing dishes with a hand-knit dishcloth.  Show us some photos of your projects.

Hello, welcome aboard. 

Hello, welcome aboard.  This is a great group, very inspiring and helpful.  Don't hesitate to ask for help.  Any plans to try a sweater or socks?


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Hi Michael,Welcome aboard. 

Hi Michael,

Welcome aboard.  What kind of patterns are you looking for?  I know of several sites with free patterns.  Also, if you can knit a washcloth or scarf, you can also knit an afghan.  I have an afghan pattern here that is based on the washcloth pattern I learned to knit with.  Let me know if you are interested.

Luv 'n' Stuff, Bob in Fort Lauderdale Where the boys are...but they don't knit...poor things