Knitted Ferrari

Thought I would post this article I came across online- seems a UK art student knitted a full size ferrari for her honors degree.  The artist is quoted as saying:

           “I get men admiring the racing lines and old women look at the needlework.” 

How sexist -- and look at those crummy seams down the middle of her windows :),,2-2006270608,00.html 


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You gotta be kidding. That

You gotta be kidding. That thing is AMAZING! No way she knitted it by hand. And god, tell me that's not wool. It has to be cheap acrylic....the yarn would cost a FORTUNE. That's like 4 full sized blankets worth of yarn on that car.

Wow, that is fantastic. V

Wow, that is fantastic. V impressed

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Lauren is using some of the

Lauren is using some of the left over red yarn to make fish for our river! 


I knit

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Wow, talk about ambitious! 

Wow, talk about ambitious!  I'm impressed.

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I can get a college degree

I can get a college degree in Knitting?!?!?  God Save the Queen, I'm moving to England!

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.