Topkapi Palace Tile Hexagon/Triangle Afghan

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May, 8, 2009. Just 5 more triangles to go, Gott sei Dank...

May 4, 2009. Yesterday I finished exterior triangle number 12 out of 22. I'll finish it next week before I head back to Patara.

April 17, 2009. Here's a brief progress report - All of the hexagons are done, 10 total. Now I'm working on the perimeter triangles. Two done and 20 to go.

Topkapi Afghan 005

April 4, 2009. Have the middle two medallions done. These will be surrounded by 8 more.

I started thinking about this project last year after seeing a tile wall in the Tile Pavillion at Topkapi Palace here in Istanbul. The final afghan will be made up of 10 of these "medallions." The middle two will be the brightest ones. The outer medallions will be darker shades of blue and gold. At that's the plan now... Is it obvious that I've discovered the slip stitch?
tiles 003 Topaki TriHex Afghan 2 Topaki TriHex Afghan 015


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Looking good Rick... It's

Looking good Rick... It's great having Wing Wah here ... but playing tour guide for him sure does put a stop to my knitting... too much rushing around ... not much if any quiet time, certainly no sitting down with dog in my lap and needles clicking away... later in this week maybe.

For Jason's afghan when would you need to post your squares?

Please thank Bill and Alp for making Wing Wah feel at home Saturday night.

Heard back from Nako re: their version of the Lion Brand colours equivalent for here?

Please remind me when you are going to Patara. I'll be there for the 1st week of August. Will you be there then? On this first trip there, would you let Nebahat know. I'll be staying a week and would like my usual room. I can't wait, 18 km of pristine sand beach, miles of empty space and only the occassional nude body to look at or play with ...

I can't wait.
Istanbul, Turkey

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Looking good... I'm

Looking good... I'm particularly looking forward to it in real life as I love the colours and don't trust how it is coming through on the screen... I love how the yellows and blues of various shades blend together... not sure that the pic really does it justice... I need to think more on this and get back to you. I just think it is wonderful ... I love all those geometric things... in Siciliy in the cathedrals etc, there were lots of them ... because at some stage in history, the cathedrals became Moslem, but then they went back to being Christian again... so lots of the wonderful geometric decorations of the Moslems stayed, on the floors, on the walls and on the ceilings. It is also part of the reason I like aran stuff... maybe also my ancestry too but I love it....
I'll bring my knitting tonight... to show off... am so pleased with how it is going... and only 2 wrong stitches... I've been advised by a supportive MWK that the little mistakes make it special... I think I'll leave the specialness as 2 wrong stitches on the back where it is difficult to see... no need to make it any more special than that i think... so... no knitting in front of tv ... only with classical music in the background. See you early this evening.
Am looking forward to seeing your progress.
I'll bring my new camera along... it's pretty grovy... maybe I can get it to display the blending of the colours in your afghan then we just load it on to your computer.
See you this evening
Istanbul, Turkey

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I keep coming back to this

I keep coming back to this post just to look at it. it is gorgeous and I am in awe.

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Thanks, but don't think you

Thanks, but don't think you can't do something similar. It's only slip stitches and various shades of blue and yellow. Because I can't find much 100% wool here, it is a combination of wool, blends, mohair and even some rabbit! Here's a Flickr link to see more shots of it:
my Flickr projects

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It is getting more and more

It is getting more and more fantastic. I can't take my eyes off of it.

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Thanks again!! I finished

Thanks again!! I finished the third triangle yesterday and will head to the shop after the gym to work on the fourth one.

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Really, the more I see, the

Really, the more I see, the more I love! Your work is fantastic.

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Beautiful! Your creativity

Beautiful! Your creativity and craftsmanship never cease to amaze me.


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Thanks guys!! You'll never

Thanks guys!! You'll never know how much I appreciate the positive feedback. The slip stitch is sooo easy and while I did play around with a number of more complicated slip stitch patterns, I ended up liking the most basic one for this project. I'm decreasing on the knit side and slipping on the purl side, so on the slip rows it's simply p1, sl1. I've got the pattern written for my eyes now and will clean it up, type it up and share it. Thanks again!!

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If I ever get up the

If I ever get up the gumption to try even the most basic olourwork it's probably goinig to be your fault.

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Thank you, I think...

Thank you, I think... Working with more than one color had tempted me, but fear always won out. Intarsia. Fair isle. It all sounded so complicated. And I still don't really read charts that well. But one row, one color. That is something I can handle. The African Adventure afghan initiated me into using multiple colors, one per row. Then learned about the slip stitch on it's connecting yellow bands. Now you see the result of that.
So if your plunge into colorwork is my fault, I gladly accept the responsibility. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! And we'll enjoy seeing the results.

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That's AMAZING! A true work

That's AMAZING! A true work of art. I can't wait to see the finished project.

“Now, let us all take a deep breath and
forge on into the future;
knitting at the ready.” -- E. Zimmerman

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Yowza!! A fantastic

Yowza!! A fantastic accomplishment in knitting. I thought you may have done it all in crochet slip stitches, until I really looked at the photos in depth. It's just the way that the colors interact with the knitting. I have to agree, you may want to work up a pattern for this. I've not had much desire to do a lot of slip stitching but this really inspires me to do so. I really look forward to seeing how this develops. --- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Gorgeous! It brings back

Gorgeous! It brings back some wonderful memories of the time my wife and I were in Turkey (although most of our trip was Eastern Turkey).

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest!

Grace and Peace,

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Wow... that is amazing. I

Wow... that is amazing. I love the idea of trying to recreate beautiful patterns or natural landscapes. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the work!!

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PLEASE, tell me you've

PLEASE, tell me you've wrtten everything down and that you wish to share it with your beloved comrads of the needles. That is so beautiful and elegant and striking and.......

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Very pretty. I would love to

Very pretty. I would love to do something like this...hmm something to add to my ever endless list of things to do.

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Another great project!

Another great project!

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Thank you, kind sir.

Thank you, kind sir.

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Man, you are giving Kaffe

Man, you are giving Kaffe Fasset a run for his money- I wish I had a teaspoon of your talent!

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Whoaa. It's only slip

Whoaa. It's only slip stitches. More proof that they are an easy way to impress. Thanks!

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Love the colours. Is it

Love the colours. Is it knitting or crochet?

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Thanks. It is knitting,

Thanks. It is knitting, flat on two needles, picking up stitches as I go then stitching up the seams. Never learned how to crochet more than a simple chain.

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You create some of the most

You create some of the most interesting patterned knitted pieces and your color sense is just awesome. Better than Horst Schultz in my opinion.

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Thanks! All praise greatly

Thanks! All praise greatly appreciated.

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I love it... am looking

I love it... am looking forward to watching the progress.

Istanbul, Turkey

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And you'll get a bird's eye

And you'll get a bird's eye view every weekend for the next several months.