Weight Watchers' Hungry Monster

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Has anyone seen the Weight Watchers Hungry monster?


They're crazily NOT selling the little thing right now and I want one desperately. It seems to me that he might be a great project to knit out of some of that freaky eye-lash stuff (if I can find a bright orange).

The question is, does anyone have a pattern that might work? I don't really have the time and energy to come up with one myself for the next month or so.

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Update! They announced at

Update! They announced at this week's meeting that he was coming! We'll see!

Thanks for all the ideas. I think, as Joe suggested, maybe I wouldn't end up liking the end product as much if it were knitted. Sewing is probably the way to go if I can't get my hands on a "real" one when they come out.

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No one seems to understand

No one seems to understand why Weight Watchers is not selling a stuffed animal version of Hungry. Personally I think he looks like the orange monster from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

"An interesting monster, needs and interesting hair-do..."

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you mean 'Taz'? that may be

you mean 'Taz'? that may be why.......

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No...the monster who Bugs

No...the monster who Bugs gives a manicure to:


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His name is Gossamer. "I

His name is Gossamer. "I think monsters lead such innnnnnnteresting lives." (One of Bugs's greatest gay moments.)

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yup - I would think some

yup - I would think some fake fur and a very beanbaggy pattern.

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Personally, I don't think

Personally, I don't think you'd get the right fur texture from a knitted eyelash type yarn...even if you could find orange.

I would think it would be a LOT easier to sew up something like this (even for someone like me who doesn't do much sewing).

Here's a source for the thing's "pelt":