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Okay everyone!

This is the place to sign in and log your hours for the Knit A River fundraiser!  (See my posting titled Gerard and everyone else)

Simply by participating in Knit A River, you can help us earn a grant for WaterAid.  BIG THANKS HERE to Gerard for bringing this fantastic event to our attention and being the inspiration for this Knit Along.  Here's what you need to do!

1) Sign in here:  Reply to this topic with your name (first name is fine) so we know who is participating.

2) Knit blue squares for Knit A River (That's the point, after all!) Keep track of how many hours you spend on your volunteer knitting.  It's the honor system, so no rounding up to the nearest half-hour.

3) Come back here and find your sign-in post.  You should see a small Edit link on the bottom corner.  Edit your posting by adding on how many minutes or hours you've spent and how many squares you've knitted.  Feel free to leave encouraging comments for other or to share your thoughts on global water issues, etc.

Lars has volunteered to collect the squares and post them to London, which is fantastic!  You'll find his information here.

I would LOVE IT if you guys would take pictures of you with your square or events you might decide to host (hint, hint!) with everyone knitting blue squares, etc.  Get involved, make a difference, AND HAVE FUN!!!  And thanks for your efforts!


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...did four squares today...

...did four squares today...

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Warren's in!1 done, 3 hours

Warren's in!

1 done, 3 hours spent on it.  (I was trying out a new stitch pattern and continental knitting!) 

You can count on Tom

You can count on Tom (ttanner) too!  Can't wait to try out some new cable patterns.

 So far...  2 cabled squares - 5 hours.  Half of a lace square is on the needles.  Pics to follow if I can get hubby to take them.

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Knipper is in.  There is

Knipper is in.  There is plenty of blue yarn in my stash.  Will be great travel knitting this weekend while hanging out in NYC.

I'd be happy to collect east

I'd be happy to collect east coast squares. e-mail me for my address & add a $ or 2 for international postage


Knit away, knit away

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Jordan's in!  30 minutes. 

Jordan's in! 

30 minutes.  So far. 

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Doug . . (Parrot) . . I'm

Doug . . (Parrot) . . I'm in; have the blue yarn out and getting ready to start.


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I'm in..

... sent the info to my daughter...she's wild about it and is sending it to all her knitting friends...

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Me too!  One done, two to

Me too!  One done, two to go!


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Gabriel is taking part in

Gabriel is taking part in the cause......This feels great to be helping in a small way. 45 minutes and one squre down.

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I'm in - I'm shua. I'll

I'm in - I'm shua. I'll knit a couple of squares. I'll let you know how long it takes once I finish.

I'm Kenny.... and I'm

I'm Kenny.... and I'm knitting blue squares for charity.

Edit: Three done. 

Total time: 2 hours

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I'm in. Is that

I'm in. Is that allowed? 


I knit

time so far : 

3.5 hours

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Jeremy is so very in.  So

Jeremy is so very in.  So very very in.  This is awesome.  I didn't see anything about how big the squares had to be, nor if they had to be plain, simple yarn, nor if they could be patterned.  This link helped me immensely.  6" squares, any yarn, any patterm.  Yay!  I have a bunch of blue yarn!  Cool

Stuart will participate!I

Stuart will participate!

I "inherited" a couple bags of horrible rug yarn, some of which is blue, and have wondered what to do with it.  I think it will be perfect to "flow" through the streets of London for a good cause.

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John is participating! 

John is participating!  This is gonna be fun!

3 hrs, 1.5 square complete (this cotton chenille is slowing me down!).