A sphere

I *think* this belongs in this forum (let me know if I'm way off).

I'm looking for a pattern, or a formula, or even a basic principle that wil enable me to knit, or at least figure out how, to knit a sphere.


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You could try my cat ball

You could try my cat ball pattern.  They tend to turn out more egg-shaped, though.

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K  check out lionbrand I




check out lionbrand I think they do a pattern for balls!

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Which one?  Web search or

Which one?  Web search or enjoying your balls?


That 12-panel pattern. (har

That 12-panel pattern. (har har)


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Try here........

Try here........ http://tinyurl.com/pnbhl  and scroll down a bit.  Also do a web search for Knitted or knit "ball". 

Enjoy your balls!


Chris, that is absolutely

Chris, that is absolutely ideal! Thank you very much!