Challenge disaster after disaster but bouncing back

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In early January I was really excited about doing the challenge with everyone. I'm in quite good nick anyway but wanted to improve, that elusive 6 pack was my goal.
Well it wasn't to be. I did the first month ok, building on my gym routine and started running as it isn't cycling season here in Istanbul and got on with the crunches and pushups. It was all short lived. Within a few weeks a killer flu went through Istanbul and ... decimated my class numbers, 50% of my kids went off sick for 3 weeks, it was like tag team WWF or whatever that show is, where everyone takes turns in inflicting gross amounts of pain on each other ... anyway, as one kid returned another would be off sick. I went down and my assistant as well. It lasted for 3 weeks. I managed a little gym, a little running with my dog but not much and well the challenge, which should have been the easiest to maintain, didn't get a look in.
I just managed to recover in time for a skiing holiday and get back into it when ... I had a lovely night with a fb in the local village who passed on a bug that he'd enjoyed that previous weekend. He'd told me he was really sick, really tired but ok again. 2 days later I went down, not on him, no, I went down and felt like down and out. I couldn't eat for 3 days. Today was the first time I'd eaten and ... I had a bowl of rice with stuff in it and a bowl of sweet and sour chicken... it was equal to what I'd eaten for the whole week. My stomach is still complaining... but it's all still in there :) Bad tummies are not nice.
So I am going to start again with this challenge. Fortunately I haven't lost any muscle mass, so they tell me, maybe a little dehydrated... and not from over doing it from sex unfortunately, just this weeks illness. I think I have gone below ideal weight. I am normally floating between 84 - 85 kg but feel I am 82- 83 at the moment. A little light, seeing as I am 6'2" and less than 10% body fat.
The challenge will give me the shoulders I want, the abs I want... and the attention I want... here goes try number 3


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Hi Kerry, yes I hope

Hi Kerry, yes I hope everything comes back to normal soon.
I went to breakfast with RickeScott this morning. He took me to Eminumu, a big market area here in Istanbul and showed me where all the wool is purchased. I think it supplies for Istanbul.
After an hour of walking around my tummy gave the signal it wasn't happy. I ignored it for another hour... then as we walked I tried to keep an eye out for a toilet. So tummy not in good shape still. But everything else is back to normal. I have started back at the gym. I have been running with the dog. I will start cycling on Monday... the sex hasn't fallen off... had it this morning after breakfast :) and this evening got dinner with a Canadian/Kiwi couple with sex as dessert... and tomorrow evening lined up in town... so can't complain there....
I suppose, with a tickle in the tummy... my arse will be nice and clean... loose and ....
Chat again soon :)
Istanbul, Turkey

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Thanks Kerry, Yes health has

Thanks Kerry,
Yes health has returned. This morning have run the dog, done some crunches and pushups, off to work now and then to the gym this evening. Tomorrow will be a cycling day if the roads are dry.
I lost an inch off my waist and dipped below my ideal weight... not a recommended way of losing it but ... got there ...

take care,
Istanbul, Turkey

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Hey! I TOTALLY feel your

Hey! I TOTALLY feel your pain! Right before Christmas I was so pleased to see what I don't always have to show off: a completely, authentically, REALLY flat tummy. No bulge. No six pack, but at 47, that's ok. I'm just happy to be belly-less and to fit comfortably into all my clothes. Then came January, and a frikking urinary track infection when has taken me out for weeks! I finally got to the gym yesterday for the first time since January. My belly is no longer flat. Oh well. That's the impermanence part of this human realm. I figure, I did it before, I can do it again. Back into the fray!

Jonathan in snowy DC.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Jonathan, let me package

Jonathan, let me package something for you... it's the quick and painful way of losing a few kilos and a few inches off the waistline... the virus, if able to package, will put you out of action a few days but ... instant weightloss :) I was worried that so little activity would give me a belly but ... nope, no belly... in fact my clothes are sloppy now.

well I'm well again... and have just started this morning with pushups and crunches, off to the gym tonight... cycling tomorrow.
Take care, stay away from the diseased ones... I try to but it is a professional habit .... Noooo ... I work with little kids where snot permanently drips from their noses and they cough in your face at every opportunity ....
Best of luck

Istanbul, Turkey

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Hi Dave, Thanks, but the

Hi Dave,

Thanks, but the Cipro I was prescribed managed to help me lose five pounds!!! Now I just need to tighten it up!


Think less, enjoy it more.

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Illness definitely throws a

Illness definitely throws a wrench into a workout program. Keep at it and your imune system will improve with your physique and you will be less prone to catching those pesky bugs. Are you working with a good diet to go with your workouts? Check out "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips, it has excellent workouts as well as a great diet plan. One half of a good body is created in the kitchen. Good luck.

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I hear where you are coming

I hear where you are coming from and agree whole heartedly.
I've used the Body for Life programme on and off for a few years. I love it. I don't do the shakes... I try to do diet instead.
I'm fit again now...well... healthy at least, just ran the dog, done my crunches and pushups this morning, and gym after work. I lost an inch on my waist last week due to the bug. Not a pleasant way of doing it. But now I am slightly below my ideal that I strive to get down to.

Diet is the key. I agree with you there big time :)

Istanbul, Turkey

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Sorry to hear you have not

Sorry to hear you have not been well, hope you're back to normal very soon.