Another new pattern....

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What can I say - they just keep crowding the space between my ears.

I've signed up for a lace exchange and am hoping to knit up the center of this as a square doily for the exchange.

It's designed as a shawl representation of my grandmothers gardens; drawing from both of their gardens...Noni had a lovely wisteria arbor at her entryway; and G-gram a "tree form" wisteria in the side yard.

a wisteria center, with some trellis work, leaves and lupins in the outer border, and an old fashioned rosebud edge.


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Ihope to have finished the

Ihope to have finished the center of this by tonight - must remember to get a picture. I played with the placment of decreases som on this - it is a tes knit, so not completely the way I want it - but not too shabby.

Started out on size US 3, then shifted to US 5's; using Louet Mooi in 'Jade"

(I'm only three days late on the exchange.....)

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Ok don't hold out on me now,

Ok don't hold out on me now, I am way to pulled in now to try and resist lol.

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we're at

we're at

about 18 "finished" patterns - proofed and knit and hopefully mistake free at this point.

50 plus (ohmygawd how did there get to be so many!) in various stages of progress in proof reading and test knitting; - there's at least 4 or 5 where I just need to make the final corrections, take off the discaimers, add pictures, etc.

and various other files scattered around - like an essay on shawl shapes and easy ways to produce them; multiple tips and tricks on circular starts, etc.

I owe the folk over there a lot for their help. (and no less some of the folk here as well!)

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Okay Mr. MMario what are you

Okay Mr. MMario what are you doing to me!!!! I just loved the design and have all ready taken it off and put it in my "to do" file. Not to be satisfied with this I checked your patterns on Ravelry and you can just about guess where that left me. Your designs are beautiful and I so admire your design abilities.

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I guess I shouldn't mention

I guess I shouldn't mention my yahoo groups which has bunches of other patterns not yet posted to ravelry?

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Okay, so I am going to try

Okay, so I am going to try and do this. I have several questions. One: Is this supposed to be in lace weight? I have some very nice navy blue lace weight alpaca that I am thinking of doing this in, if that is the correct idea for this. Or is this more of a mercerized cotton type of pattern. Two: I assume that I start with chart one, but what is a "K0K in single stitch"? Is that knit, yarn over, knit (thru the back loop?)? Three: What size needles am I supposed to use? We will get to my non-comprehension of nups later. My only other question is this: What shape is this supposed to be when I am done with it? I realize that was a whole lot of stupid coming your way, but this will hopefully be my first real lace project. Why am I even thinking of doing this when I can not answer these questions myself?

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welcome to the wonderful

welcome to the wonderful world of MMario PPatterns. *grin*

I don't specify a lot of stuff, because I've found many people don't follow the directions anyway. I specify lace weight, and someone decides to do it in worsted. I specify 5 mm needles and someone uses 2.5 mm needles - and then wonders why their shawl is a 16 inch doily or a 10 foot afghan!

Yes, lace weight would work for this. Are you a loose knitter or a tight knitter? If a tight knitter I would probably suggest 5 mm needles. If a loose knitter possibly 4 mm. How to tell?
The trick is to swatch (yes, I know) unless you already know your gauge in the needle/yarn combination you will be using. The pattern is 172 rows, plus an edge that averages 22 stitches. Double this gives you 388. If you want a 72 inch diameter shawl, then your blocked gauge should be around 388/72 = 5.3 stitches per inch. If you get a stocking stitch gauge (unblocked) of between 6.5 and 7 sttiches per inch I would say you are in the money.

kok in a single stitch is even easier then you think, knit, yarnover, knit into the stitch again. it will end up looking like three consecutive knit stitches. yeah, it really does work.

nupps are similar; for a five stitch nupp you make 5 stitches in the one, by working k1, O, k1, O, k1 in a single stitch; then on the next row you k5tog; it results in a net gain or loss of stitches of zilch. (and yes, you can "cheat" by slipping three, knit 2tog and then passing the 3 over.

The pattern as written is for a square. It can be reworked to a double triangle neck down very easily.

And believe me your questions are nothing compared to some I've seen!

The other question is - How much of the laceweight do you have? Shawls can gobble it up at an incredible rate.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Oh I realize that this is

Oh I realize that this is going to eat yarn like mad, and the I can not believe that I am even thinking of doing this. This may kill me, and much more likely it will cause my fingers to bleed. I am currently working on a sock, a lengthwise scarf, a hat and now this. What am I to do?

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Give in. Or just "keep

Give in. Or just "keep knitting and think of England" - something along those lines. It's inevitable. It's your destiny. Kharma. Fate.

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I'm enjoying my current lace

I'm enjoying my current lace shawl so much, that I'm probably going to make this one after. I'll have to add it to my Ravelry queue.

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Yowza! Yet another great

Yowza! Yet another great pattern. I may have to get down to some VERY serious lace knitting. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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No picture, 'cause no one

No picture, 'cause no one has knit it yet. I hope to have a picture by the end of the month of at tleast the center.


Mario! And yet another free

Mario! And yet another free pattern from Mario. I didn't see a picture, and my imagination just from the pattern is faulty, I'm sure. Many blessings to you for your altruism! I admire both you, and your work!