Men's Knitting Retreats as a group on FACEBOOK

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I started a group on facebook to help promote the Men’s Knitting Retreats - linking the website to facebook - and hoping that other guys might discover our group that aren’t otherwise “in the know” - some people (believe it or not) haven’t heard of ravelry or - so any advertising/promotion we can offer is helpful!

if you’re on facebook, find the group and join - we show power in numbers!


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it's just mens knitting

it's just mens knitting retreat on facebook - be sure to join the menwhoknit group as well!


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I can't find the group for

I can't find the group for some reason. What's it called?

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I found it, and joined, by

I found it, and joined, by searching Mens Knitting Retreat. Good idea.

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I joined, thanks Kyle.

I joined, thanks Kyle.