Questions for a Survey about Men who Knit

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I'm working on developing my survey for the Knitting: Men in America project and I thought I shoud ask you (since you're all men who knit haha) what question(s) you might ask or want to know about other guys who knit in the United States. Of course, I have the basics covered (age, location, when did you learn to knit, etc.) but any suggestions are appreciated. The goal is to get a basic understanding of the cross section of culture that is represented within the male knitting community.

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Thanks!!! and to those of you who signed up to represent a state, you'll be getting an email in the next few weeks with the survey!



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For those of us that are

For those of us that are self-taught, it might be interesting to know how we taught ourselves...... books, videos, watching others, etc. And, of all the other "easier" crafting hobbies, why did we pick knitting and, in my case, crocheting? (This coming from someone that decided to start taking piano lessons at age 30!!) Why did we want a craft as a hobby in the first place? Do we keep at least one project in the works at all times or go for months without one? I look forward to getting the survey!!!!


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duh... didn't think of this

duh... didn't think of this before even though I'm listening to the podcast in the background right now... and I'm stealing this from them:

"Y Knit?"

I always think it's interesting to hear people talk about shy they knit and, further, their philosophy about knitting. These are very personal questions that I find fascinating and thought provoking.

anyway... another thought...

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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I'm most curious about the

I'm most curious about the differences in which people approach knitting. Like for me knitting is a problem to be solved not a garment to be created. Does that make sense? I'm just not sure how to pose it as a survey "yes" or "no" question.

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I totally understand - some

I totally understand - some take knitting as a feat to be conquered... some knit for knitting's sake - some do it for product, and some for process - it's a good question and one relating to the creativity and analytical sides of those who knit.

One of the most interesting things I am finding so far is that guys who knit are less likely to be afraid to try complex projects - most often they have yet to learn that they are "hard" and instead, they just follow directions...


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Some thoughts ... What was

Some thoughts ...

What was your first knitting project?
What is your current knitting project?
What first attracted you to knitting?
What stumbling blocks, if any, do you face as a man who knits?
Did you know any other men who knit when you first learned?
Do you also do any other needlework, art or craft? If so, at which are you most proficient or enjoy the most?
What do you find most challenging in your knitting journey so far?
What do you see as being next for you in your knitting journey?
Do you have a favorite designer, mentor, or other person (source) of inspiration for your knitting?

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thanks! - more great ideas -

thanks! - more great ideas - the more I hear from others about what we (as guys who knit) want to know, the better the project might turn out! :)

I will be working on the survey this weekend - keep 'em coming!


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How about questions about

How about questions about resources?
* fav book
* website
* blog
* podcast
* fav yarn for: sweaters, socks, scarves

Or maybe...
* Favorite item you've ever created and where the pattern came from.

That's what I have off the top of my head...

talk to you soon...
The Shibaguyz

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these are both great

these are both great suggestions - thanks!


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I know this sounds a little

I know this sounds a little odd, but I would be interested in how many men tend to create their own patterns (especially compared to women).

My experience is that a much higher percentage of men (both in knitting and tatting - the two areas that I know the most) create their own patterns than women... but that's merely anecdotal. The question would be if you could find a comparable survey of female knitters to compare it with.

Grace and Peace,

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That's actually what I was

That's actually what I was going to mention. I know from personal experience that I tend to not follow a pattern very closely. Every pattern I knit has a couple small changes at the very least. I also like to knit my own simple projects without following a pattern at all. I've seen a lot of the same thing with the guy knitters I've met too.

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YOu may have thought of this

YOu may have thought of this already - but Clara , over at Knitter's does a weekly poll, and amongst other tings - did up a summary a few years ago. You might want to check out that and the polls for ideas.