decreasing question

I'm doing the fisherman's hat from the book "Knitting with Balls" (knitting for men)
I'm supposed to start decreasing, assuming that I have 72 cast-on stitches in a certain pattern
k7 k2tog repeat
knit all
k6 k2tog repeat
knit all

Now I made some mistakes and corrected and I ended up with 70 stitches on my rounded needles.
How do I decrease according to the pattern?
I'm supposed to end up with the k2tog aligned in a column...
I'm a total novice so I don't know how to calculate the fix

Any help would be appreciated


Toronto, Canada

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That's exactly how I would

That's exactly how I would do it as well...and you won't even be able to see the difference.

Nice job on the hat, by the way!

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with 72 stitches (k7, k2tog)

with 72 stitches (k7, k2tog) would give you eight repeats.

so I would do:
(k7, k2tog) seven times and knit the remaining 7 stitches.
knit around
then, (k6, k2tog) x7, knit the remaining 7 stitches.
knit around
then you are back on track.

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