Pattern question.

Hi all, I've been plugging along on a sweater for my little girl, and am a bit confused about the sleeves bit..

Inc row
(WS): Rib 1 (2, 3), * m1, rib 5; rep from * to last 2 (3, 4) sts, m1, rib 2 (3, 4). [34, 36, 38 sts]
(What in the world is this talking about?)

This is after the k1, p1 rib for the sleeve. I know it wants me to work on the Wrong Side, but I dunno what they mean by that whole Rib xx stuff...

After some timely help from

After some timely help from MMario, I finally finished it. Boy that baby yarn is tricky to work with it's so thin and slippery.

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Firstly, eliminate all the

Firstly, eliminate all the additional numbers for the mutiple sizes.

Which gives you:

(WS) Rib 1, * m1, rib 5, rep from * to last 2 , m1, rib 2.

YOu are increasing on a wrong side row. Work 1 stitch in pattern; then make one, work five stitches in pattern. repeat the make one, work 5 stiches in pattern until two stitches remain. make one. work the last two stitches in pattern.

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So in essence what they are

So in essence what they are saying is...

On the wrong side, k1 p1, increase, k1 p1 five more times, and repeat [increase, k1, p1 5 times] till I get to the last two stitches add another stitch, k1 p1 2 more times and I should wind up with 34 stitches on the needles.

Then do a stockinette stitch for 7 rows, on the 7th row add a stitch on the end, and then every 5th row afterwards till I wind up with 44 stitches, do 7 more rows and bind off.

Sound right?

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no - they are saying... k1,

no - they are saying...

k1, m1, (p1, k1, p1,k1, p1); m1, (k1, p1, m1, p1,k1); m1, (p1, k1, p1, k1, p1) etc.....

Thanks! I think I got it...

Thanks! I think I got it...

The stockinette rows come

The stockinette rows come after you have done all the increases in the final row of the ribbing. I think it should say inc. 1 st at EACH end of 7th row.