Scarf exchange...

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Brand new to the web site. Sorry I missed the scarf exchange. As slow as I am there is NO WAY I could finish a scarf by 01/20! Is this an annual thing?


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Welcome. There is always

Welcome. There is always something interesting happening here. What are you knitting?

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My first pair of socks!! I

My first pair of socks!! I am going to the local knitting store to learn how to finish off the toes! And since moving to Anchorage for this assignment my super one-eyed Chihuahua is mad at me so I am making her a sweater!

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Hi Jay, Welcome to the

Hi Jay,

Welcome to the site!

That announcement has actually been up there for a while - it's the second one we did this year. When members are inspired to do something, they just post them. I think last year around the holidays we actually did a gift exchange of some sort. I don't remember who organized it. The scarf exchange I think has been very popular. It's great wearing the knitted scarf made by someone whose posts you're reading on this site.

Jonathan in rainy DC
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