My Partner has been neglected....

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Hi Guys,


My parnter, Keith, of 26 years is feeling a little left of MWK as I neglected to mention him in my bio and the fact that he is a knitter of many years too. So to save our relationship I have attached some pics of his work. Both sweaters were done several years ago but have served very well. The natural cream sweater had a polo neck which Keith found a bit too warm for our mid Aussie winters. Keith is left handed but knits right handed and consquently his tension tends to be tight but his stitchs are very even, more so than mine. We both like nothing better in the cooler months than to put on a DVD and toast our feet by the fire with our respective knitting projects.

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Gorgeous work! He should

Gorgeous work! He should sign up in his own right.


How very nice to have a partner who knits! I'm jealous 

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Victor and Keith,Those

Victor and Keith,

Those sweaters are gorgeous! Echoing Paul, that's fantastic that you both love to knit and can share your hobby.  I've tried to get David to knit with me -- we got as far as casting on a few stitches and knitting 2 of them before he stopped and said something like "This is stupid!".  Oh least we can be watching TV together while I knit.

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Vistor,The sweaters are just


The sweaters are just awesome, and yes, Keith should join the group, we'd love to have him.  And how wonderful to, first of all, have a partner of 26 years, but also to share the joys of knitting together!  Is this not something we all yearn for?  Congratulations on the many years together, and the many years of knitting together.  May you have many, many more!

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I love those cables!  How

I love those cables!  How hard is that to learn?

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Keith should join up, too! 

Keith should join up, too!  His work is beautiful.  Interestingly enough, I was just today admiring a jumper in a store window in the same pattern as in the first photo. 

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