Christmas knitting results

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I ended up knitting 9 hats and three scarves. Here are a few pics taken at our family's gathering at Mom's house.

FahrenbruchChristmas2008 018 FahrenbruchChristmas2008 019

Here are the little kids wearing their alligator scarves:
FahrenbruchChristmas2008 020


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Well done Rick, the hats and

Well done Rick, the hats and scarves look great.
Have a wonderful new years party, sorry I will miss it... but will catch up with you at the end of the week. I arrive home Saturday, so might pop by Sunday if I'm organised...
Istanbul, Turkey

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Thanks. As soon as I

Thanks. As soon as I finished one, I started another. Also made two for me and one for a friend. It is an easy pattern that is also easy to modify. You can find it on Ravelry. The pattern is called "short-row wavy hat."

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They look great, I bet they

They look great, I bet they all loved them.