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I am looking into learning how to hand spin my own yarn. I would like to start with a drop spindle. I wondered if anyone had a suggestion of a reputable site that sells drop spindles?


Hi guys Know of any good

Hi guys
Know of any good videos on drop spindle spinning please
I guess I need to practice I can use a spinning wheel happily
I spend time in Bali and would like to go walking and sit and use my drop spindle looking at the gorgeous views

Thank you


My knit group had a "learn

My knit group had a "learn to spin" group event last spring. We ordered all our drop spindles from the Woolery.

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zebisisdesigns on

zebisisdesigns on etsy
spunkyeclectic on etsy as well
and a few found on ebay

i'll introduce you to Golding spindles, too. they're made of WIN!
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Spanish Peacock Try this

Spanish Peacock

Try this guy: http://www.spanishpeacock.com/spindles.htm

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I originally learned how to

I originally learned how to spin on a spindle...just a cheap, heavy wood dowel creation. It gave me a lot of practice in drafting.

Once I moved to a spinning wheel, the drafting experience came in very handy.

If I were going to look to buy a new spindle, I would probably look to some of the local woodcrafters in my area and my local spinning stores...they carry a lot of the local artisans.

If I couldn't find anything, my first choice would be a Bosworth spindle:


Good luck...keep us updated on what you end up doing!

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Hi Antony, I do a lot of

Hi Antony,

I do a lot of spinning, and I agree with knitterwon66 below that the drop spindle and spinning on a wheel are cousins at best, but not all that closely related. If you're interested in eventually spinning on a wheel, you might want to look at navajo spindles. They mimic spinning on a wheel better than drop spindles, and the few folks that I know who teach spinning now teach spinning on a navajo spindle first, rather than using drop spindles. Schacht makes them, Halcyon Yarn in Maine sells them, but I'm sure other internet sites also carry them.

You can see one on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTs5P8QG9I0

Having said all that, I do think that drop spindles are fun - they certainly have their own rhythm and charm.

Jonathan in DC

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Sorry, that YooToob link is

Sorry, that YooToob link is no longer active.

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I tried spinning with

I tried spinning with spindle...First thing i know was, spinning with spindle is not my thing also not easy thing. I tried many time..turn into mass..not even spin into yarn. I heard people saying that need lots lots of practice.
Also I tried spinning with wheel it really work( I mean really spinning yarn!) For me doing with spinning wheel and spindle totally different.
For my recommendation, try to find used spindle at ebay or make your own spindle with CD. Try to spin it if you like it or not. and save some money and buy the wheel.

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I sent you a private message

I sent you a private message about drop spindles that I make. With the recent changes with the private messages here, I'm not sure if it got through. If not, let me know.


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Lawd knows I can't afford a

Lawd knows I can't afford a spinner, but if anyone wants to give one away....

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Golding makes my favorite

Golding makes my favorite spindle! Yes, they run a bit on the pricey side, but the balance and craftsmanship are incredible! I actually have one of their "cheaper" models, and I love it for spinning silk, camel and alpaca. Check them out:


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Try Etsy.com Randy

Try Etsy.com