The center panel is complete!

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So it did take five tries, but my persistence paid off. I just finished knitting and attaching the lining to the fair isle center panel. This picture shows it bound off, waiting to be removed from the machine.

I now need to make two side panels, but they are knit with the fair isle and lining at the same time (side by side, and then folded onto each other). Once all three are done, they get latched together through their unraveled edge stitches.

Giving proper credit, I am using the pattern from the It's Snowing electronic machine knitting pattern book.


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That is awesome! I need to

That is awesome! I need to sit down and become more acquanted with my knitting machine. Once I get the carraige jammed or drop stitches I get very frustrated and can't touch it for awhile.

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That is incredibly

That is incredibly beautiful! What model machine do you have?


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I have a Brother KH-965i. I

I have a Brother KH-965i.

I used to have a KnitKing CompuKnit IV (a rebranded Brother KH-940). I upgraded to get new features, like the ability to do more manipulations to stored pattern. It was these new features that bit me in attempt #4 since the way one chooses a single motif (rather than an all-over pattern) is more complicated on the 965i because it allows for things like subselection. That's where I messed up.

I'm very lucky that I also have the motor drive to go with the machine. I've been having some trouble with my shoulder lately, so moving the carriage by hand would be a bit dicey, especially doing it over 2,000 times. With the foot pedal, I was able to do the required hand-manipulation (laying yarn over a couple needles to help wrap the yarn at the place where there's a color change in order to close the hole that would otherwise form) and then press the foot pedal to move the carriage across the bed. On the main panel that was 192 stitches wide, I could get about 10 rows/minute. On the side panels that were ~90 stitches wide, I was able to get up to 20 rows/minute (mostly because the edge stitch wrapping didn't move, so I was able to get into a slightly faster routine).

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I can't believe you can knit

I can't believe you can knit that with a machine! Great work.

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I can't imagine knitting it

I can't imagine knitting it by hand! I would estimate approximately three centuries for me to do that much, *IF* I got up the nerve to do the colourwork!


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Mario, you're right about

Mario, you're right about that.

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its amazing - thanks for

its amazing - thanks for sharing it in progress -- keep going; we are all anxious to see it complete :) but move slowly enough to enjoy the process!


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Amazing work Marc, your

Amazing work Marc, your persistance has certainly paid off. Can't wait to see it finished..

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Very nice. And with a

Very nice. And with a lining, I bet it'll be nice and warm, too.

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Wow...Pretty scene. -Thomas

Wow...Pretty scene.

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I think I was *in* that

I think I was *in* that scene this weekend! BEautiful!

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That's really extraordinary,

That's really extraordinary, Marc! Great work!

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WOW.......amazing, beautiful

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