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I'd like some pattern ideas for the yarn in the picture. For some reason I'm attracted to the colors in it. I usually like solid colors, so I'm lost on what I could do with this yarn. I want something worsted weight and no socks.

It's Adara from Three Irish Girls.

Any thoughts?


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Joe, what is space-dyed

Joe, what is space-dyed yarn?

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Yarn dyed in one color for a

Yarn dyed in one color for a specified length and in other colors for other lengths, the sequence being repeated.

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Whenever I'm working with

Whenever I'm working with space-dyed yarns, I usually try to do one of two things. Use a slip-stitch patten or use a combination lace/solid stitch. Both types of fabric will help avoid odd pooling of colors.

Examples would be woven stitch/linen stitch, or feather and fan.

I also use this pattern successfully with space-dyed yarns:

I think it would be cool if

I think it would be cool if you did the pattern for "Dashing" on Knitty ( -- I managed to stretch a left-over bit of variegated sock yarn by striping it with a solid of similar colorway... I was Very pleased! The variegated yarn I had was blue, green, and indigo... by tempering it with the solid it made the individual colors stand out more, and helped them to not get lost in themselves (if that makes any sense!)

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I think it's a beautiful

I think it's a beautiful yarn but no pattern ideas pop into my head ... yet.