My Buddies Scarf is done!

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Finally got my Scarf exchange scarf done. Now I just have to get to a post office to mail it. We had about 3-4" of snow, an all of Corvallis is shut down. We are not used to snow, but the real problem is the 2" of ice that many roads now have.

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Very nice! I really like the

Very nice!

I really like the texture.

Your spoilee should be pleased with it.


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Love the scarf, great

Love the scarf, great job!


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You did a great Job Andrew, love the hat as well!

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I completely forgot that I

I completely forgot that I hadn't put that hat up here. That was my very first hat, and now I have to go find my pics of it.