Blocking Hats

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There is life after THE scarf and I am enjoying it. I'm working on the "YugiDean Hat". It's a great pattern , fun and knits up quickly. Kudos Joshua. In the pattern Joshua underscores that it is important to block and shape the hat. I have never even considered blocking a hat..... so how? Is this best done with a form or lying flat or what? I decided that it was a bit excessive to buy a melon just for a hat! Suggestions?

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This site is wonderful. I

This site is wonderful. I have never blocked a hat, but now I know there is a way that's not complicated or painful. Thank you!

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I do it in the sink with the

I do it in the sink with the tiniest bit of Woolite. I mean, like a drop. Roll it in a towel to squeeze out water. With the one I knitted for Jason (the one in the photos), I didn't really need to shape it during the blocking because all the yarn was acrylic, and it seemed to "fall into place" regardless, but in hats that I've done that were not so "malleable," I have small cereal bowls that I just prop up on a martini shaker. LOL I let them drape on that as the bowls I use have an almost perfet "top of a head" curve...slightly flattened, but rounded enough that it's not squared.

Did that even make sense?

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when doing any blocking, i

when doing any blocking, i am almost always propped up near martini shaker

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Doing it in the sink with

Doing it in the sink with woolite, propped up on a martini shaker, not having a square head- where does one begin?!

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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I love this

I love this site......
enough info and solid advice here to more than make this happen. Thanks so much!!
Now, if someone could tell me how not to gag when I go to the vet tomorrow to be taught how to express my dogs anal glands .... I'd be a happy man

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if it has anything to do

if it has anything to do with knitting needles, i don't want to know

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would that one could be at a

would that one could be at a knitting needle's distance from the task! I have set out swimmer's nose clip and fully intend to wear it. Now if i could blindfold myself too . . .

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I don't always block my

I don't always block my hats, because wearing them usually shapes them best. But if I've done a stranded knitting hat, or some other hat where steam blocking is necessary I just looked for the most head-like object that would allow me to steam block the hat

In my case, it turned out to be the top of a carpeted cat scratching post. It works pretty well for shaping felted hats as well.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog When you block a hat is when it actually get it's shape, unless you dry clean your hats, even then blocking is useful. If your finished hat is 20 inches and after blocking it gets to 22. Then you can see the benefits of knowing how big it will get when yo wash it and dry it. Some people argue that you have not finished an item until it is blocked, once it is washed and dryed it is considered blocked. You can block something to shape and that is another matter.

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I definitely agree with that

I definitely agree with that last statement. I consider blocking to be the washing and drying. Then shaping is another type or facet to blocking. At least, that was always my understanding.

The best way I've found for

The best way I've found for blocking hats is an ordinary party balloon. You can get a bag of them for about $2 and you can blow them up to any size "head" you need - babies to adults.

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That excites me!!! You HAVE

That excites me!!! You HAVE to let me know how it turns out. And please do tell me if you see any wording/instructions that could be improved upon. Accurate doesn't always mean best. :-)

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

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I will be sure to let you

I will be sure to let you know. But since you are here, how do YOU shape and block hats? I finished a ton of grading and evaluations this weekend and plan to spend evenings this week doing exactly as I please ie knitting! - so it will be done soon Thanks again for the fun of this pattern - Phil