first entry--Hello, Guys!

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This is a first for me, but I've been wanting to connect with other men who knit; maybe I'll start by telling a bit about my journey in knitting.

While I've been knitting off and on since college (and a stint in HS), the past year or so has seen a heavy snowball effect when it comes to the yarn addiction. I discovered the wonderful ease of hats in the round, and have made upwards of twenty since August. I love the quick fix and the fact that you can just by one ball of yarn per hat (mixing and matching for designs, of course). I have pics, but I gotta get them on the comp.

This is my first year knitting all my Christmas gifts. I'll admit it--I'm a lazy knitter. But I'm also growing into it. I'm presently working on Loop's Grace Lace Beret for my sister. I finished a sequined shawl for my mom (confession: it was supposed to be for last year's Christmas!), a stocking cap for Dad, a striped chullo for my sister, one and a half belts for my other sis, and designed chullos for my roommates. And then there's the commissioned works :)

I am a fan of cables right now. I also just finished a few cabled hats in different patterns, one of them being in a beautiful "azul" Malabrigo--too bad about their fire a bit back--I had to fudge the ending of the hat for lack of yarn.

Greetings, and I wish we could have a Christmas knit-in and caroling party...


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Welcome to MWK

Welcome to MWK

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Welcome to MWK, sounds like

Welcome to MWK, sounds like you have been busy. I too love making hats. Looking forward to your pics.


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Oh, the joys of hats!

Oh, the joys of hats!

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Welcome to the Family....

Welcome to the Family....

Glad you found us and hope you enjoy the MWK site as much as I have.
Barry-Kilted knitter