new socks

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Somewhere on the net, I came across the most interesting looking socks. But she was selling the pattern, and I thought "I can make those" -- famous last words!

But I set out to do them as a challenge, and with the help of a really great sockknitter, we were able to work out the pattern. Hers were knit cuff down, but we did ours toe up. I had just been showing some women different provisional cast-ons, so what better way to use one of them. I like the idea of making the sock fit ME, with little waste, and toe-up is the perfect way to go.

Once I got the toe done, and started in the patterning, it was rather simple to do, and I really was excited to see where the next rib was going to go! There were many different designs going through my head as I worked on these, rather boring, socks. It was, after all, simple 2/2 ribs!

I liked the design on the sole, and had plans to make one sock with that design on top, one on the sole. But I was so excited to turn the heel that I forgot and put the heel on the same side of both socks! Oh, well, an excuse to make one more.

They fit just perfectly!! I love when that happens.


QueerJoe's picture are much more are much more ambitious than I am. I saw those socks as well, and just loved them...buying the pattern was much easier for me!

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Great Job! Interesting to

Great Job!

Interesting to look at, but not too fussy in appearance.


Those are so cool! I love

Those are so cool! I love the design. It is amazing how attention to the minor detail of structure creates something so nice.

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Fascinating- they have a

Fascinating- they have a mideval look to them. I hear "Scarborough Fair" playing in my head.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Those are a mighty fancy

Those are a mighty fancy pair of socks! Very cool. I really like the ribbing... especially on the bottom of the foot. Such a cool design and attention to detail on a part of the sock traditionally "ignored" in designs. Excellent!