From Bennett Age 8

Hi everyone.  My name is Bennett.  I am 8 and just starting to knit.  I think it's going pretty good. My mom attached a picture of my knitting and of me.   I had some holes in it and I started again.  I want to make a potholder when I can get my stitches to go real good.  I am glad there are other guys who knit.



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All right keep it up! I am

All right keep it up! I am tring to teach my son to knit you will be an inspiration!


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great job Bennett.  keep up

great job Bennett.  keep up the good work...

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Hi Bennett,Like you've read

Hi Bennett,

Like you've read from a lot of the guys here, when I was around your age, my mom taught me how to knit, too.  It's an awesome hobby!  You've made a terrific start, I'll be glad to see your finished project and everything else you knit.


Excellent job Bennet. Nice

Excellent job Bennet.

Nice to see you caught the knitting bug. Now you started I bet you wont be able to stop! Im really loving the colour and the stitches look great. Cant wait to see the finished project.


Hey, Bennett.Welcome!  I

Hey, Bennett.

Welcome!  I was about your age when I first learned to knit.  It's a fantastic hobby with lots of possibilities, as you can see from looking at all the great things the guys here have made.  Have fun, and be sure to post some pictures of your finished projects.


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Welcome, Bennett! I really

Welcome, Bennett! I really like the color you chose - and your knitting looks great. There are lots of guys who knit - including many guys your age. I hope you keep at it!

Nice work! Keep it up

Nice work!

Keep it up Bennett. Your first knitting is better than mine was and I was 17 when I learned to knit.  I hope you'll have as much fun knitting and make as many good friends along the way as I have.

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Bennett,  Your knitting is

Bennett,  Your knitting is very nice - you'll be a pro in no time!  You are very fortunate to have a mother who knits and who encourages you to knit.

I think it's time that you have your own ID here with your picture.  Then, you can be one of the knitting guys and show us your knitting each time you complete a project!  We'd love to have you as a member!  My son is 11 and as soon as he finishes the placemat he's knitting, he is going to become a member, too.

Cheers,  Jesse 


Friends don't let friends knit drunk.

Great job, well done. Keep

Great job, well done. Keep going. Practice makes purlfect! 

Knit away, knit away

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Fantastic - better than me

Fantastic - better than me already Bennett!!!!  I think Darrel is going to be busy starting a Kids Who Knit site next!!

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Great start, Bennet! Keep it

Great start, Bennet! Keep it up.

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Awesome Bennet!       

Awesome Bennet!                        

...what is your next project? Bill

Hey Bennett!  Great to see

Hey Bennett!  Great to see that you are enjoying knitting.  I made a pair of mittens out of the same color!


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Wow, great yarn color,

Wow, great yarn color, Bennet.

A lot of us had holes in our knitting when we started, too.  Now, we even do it on purpose!

Keep up the great work!


Keep it up!I started

Keep it up!

I started knitting when I was about 7 or 8 as well; it's great to see young boys doing it.