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As promised, a picture of my first jumper.  It's not as impressive as the beautiful socks and shawls on this site, so please forgive me, but so far it's the most adventurous thing I've tackled. I did struggle evenly picking up the neck but it will be better the next time I promise.  I am hoping Feed the Children, which is the charity I have knitted it for, like it and that it brightens up the life of one of the abandoned/orphaned children they are trying to help.  The colours aren't subtle but they did ask for them to be bright and cheerful so it serves them right!

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There's one kid who's going

There's one kid who's going to be so proud and so happy and will ask everyone (s)he sees: "do you like my new sweater?". Hell, (s)he'll probably refuse to take it off and want to wear it to bed. (My neice used to be like that.)

It's a great piece of knitting and for a most excellent cause.  Great work!

It looks great. You did a

It looks great. You did a fantastic job and I bet whoever owns it will absolutely love it! nice one!  Laughing

Our energy goes into each

Our energy goes into each item we knit.  You have made a beautiful gift that will brighten a child...and she will feel your positive energy along with it, and know someone  cares.

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Many times, the beauty of a

Many times, the beauty of a hand-knitted item is not found in its design or colour but rather in its function and practicality.  A pair of intricate socks is no more beautiful than a pair of stout socks. It's so easy to compare our work with the work of others rather than just appreciating the fact that I did this myself.  Everyone's knitting has its own beauty; it's unfortunate that the knitter sometimes is the last one to appreciate that.  You don't need to be forgiven but praised for your dedication to our craft!


Friends don't let friends knit drunk.

The beauty lies in its

The beauty lies in its purpose.  It is as impressive as the shawls and socks.  Most of us knit for ourselves.  You've started out by knitting for others.  That's something to be proud of.

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Chunk - very cool, some

Chunk - very cool, some little one will really enjoy it!

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Chunk.... great job.... and

Chunk.... great job.... and it's noble of you to do the work for charity