Can someone explain 10/2?

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Can someone explain or tell me where to find information on those weaving yarns that go by 10/2 etc...... They look like I could use them for lace knitting, but I just don't know what those numbers mean.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The most confusing thing is

The most confusing thing is that plant fibers and animal fibers reverse the numbers....sometimes....othertimes not.

within each type of fiber it's easy to compare, and get at least a general idea of the relative weight. if you look at Joe's link.

For the cottons - you'll see #/# - the first number is the number of 420 yard lengths of single ply yarn per pound. the second number is the number of plies. so a 40/4 would be equal weight to a 20/2 or a 10/1

for wool, it's the number of 560 yard hanks per lb and the number of plies.

Linen - it's 300 yards per "satandard hank" - the second number again is plies.

Now if they give you "ends per inch" that's another way to compare, or "wraps per inch" - the more the thinner the yarn. Lace weight yarns are usually 20 or higher

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Here's another PDF document

Here's another PDF document that might help visually...just be careful 10/2 can mean a few different things as you'll see when you compare the different 10/2 yarns in the PDF document:

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Kenny, here's a link that

here's a link that tries to explain yarn sizes.

Hope it helps and doesn't add to the confusion