Yeah it's me with another thing that doesn't have to fit!

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Here is a scarf I just taught a class in making. It is from the Victorian Lace Today book (I've downsized it for my petite wife who did not want a wide scarf).

It was made from Alpaca Sox yarn on a size 4 needle. I would have loved to have made it on a bigger needle so the pattern would have shown up more, but again...when I'm making it for the wife I make it the way the wife wants it. (After 34 years of marriage I've learned something - albeit not much.)

It also has #6 seed beads in it.

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Beautiful! Randy



That is absolutely

That is absolutely beautiful!!! Were the beads pre-strung? I've never worked with them before.


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Hi Luke, No the beads were

Hi Luke,

No the beads were not pre strung. I thread them onto Oral B Superfloss (the kind used for braces) and then slide them onto the stitch where I want the bead placed. It sure beats the wear and tear on the yarn of stringing them on!

Here's a link that describes how to do it if you're interested:

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Nice job Rick....I love the

Nice job Rick....I love the color too!

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Nice scarf. Which VLT

Nice scarf. Which VLT pattern was it?

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It was the one on page 98 of

It was the one on page 98 of my edition - it says "Scarf, with French trellis border from Weldon's 1890 and bramble leaf center."

Not only a good knitter, but

Not only a good knitter, but a wise man who understands his wife knows best! Another lovely beaded scarf.