What a disaster!

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What a disaster, I ordered three amazing yarns at superb prices as part of the 'closeout' deals from Webs and my parcel has gone missing.

So far, the guys at Webs have been very helpful, and they certainly answer e-mails very quickly. I'm waiting to see if they can replace the missing order, but alas, the yarns that I'd selected are sold out. I'd consider killing if it would get me the Debbie Bliss Donegal chunky yarn that I've been drooling over for months and now appears to have been lost in transit.


Debbie Bliss Donegal (Tweed)

Debbie Bliss Donegal (Tweed) chunky yarn.....I love it. I bought a bunch at a store over the summer at 60% off. I do hope your package arrives!!

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Thank you. Glad to hear

Thank you. Glad to hear that you've got some. Hope you are putting it to good use :-)

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I've found Webs reliable to

I've found Webs reliable to send to me in Australia. I hope your parcel eventually turns up.

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Many thanks, I hope so too.

Many thanks, I hope so too.

You have struck fear into me

You have struck fear into me - I'm waiting on a delivery from them also.

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Hopefully, my disaster is

Hopefully, my disaster is the exception, rather than the rule. According to Webs, the package seems to have been delivered to the UK and our postal service is usually superb once things get here. I certainly hope yours turns up and that we get some pictures of what you've done with your purchase.

My parcel arrived this

My parcel arrived this morning - hopefully yours will arrive soon.

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Oh, joy abounding! Please

Oh, joy abounding! Please let me share in your pleasure as my carrier seems to want to deprive me of mine. What did you get?

Some beautiful Cascade tweed

Some beautiful Cascade tweed chunky. Swatched it up as soon as it came and will probably start with a vengeance tomorrow.

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Clearly the mail carrier has

Clearly the mail carrier has been drooling over it as well. I hope you find it!

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I'm not sure that I want

I'm not sure that I want someone else's drool all over my nice new yarn. And just to be clear, I only drooled over the pictures. lol.