Starting Another Sweater

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I gathered together some various yarns from my stash so I could make another sweater. I had planned on ordering yarn specifically for the project but with the current economy freight is down and I am just not making any money. So it's going to be just whatever I have in my stash for it.

I am doing it top down, without a pattern, and am making this one a turtleneck. I am working on the neck now and am thinking it should be about 6 inches long. Does that sound about right to you guys?


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog If

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog If it comes out like your other sweater it will be nice, maybe you can dare a bit of Fair Isle stripping, but don't complicate your knitting much. Did you use the Barbara Walker 's technique or what is that you are using?

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Thanks. Not familiar with

Thanks. Not familiar with Barbara Walker. What technique are you referring to? If you mean the calculations, I just use my gauge and measurements, and percentages.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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I hear you about the

I hear you about the economic situation; if things slow down much more for my employer I may have to cook and eat my cats (and the thought of eating pussy really doesn't thrill me). Well, I guess we just have to keep the faith. As for your stash buster sweater, this is a good opportunity to let your creativity flow. I look forward to seeing pictures!

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Albert, Your comments always


Your comments always make me smile!


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LOL thanks

LOL thanks Albert


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste