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Have I mentioned lately that I love it when knitters make me look good?

An absolutely fantastic and brilliant knitter (who also knits at the speed of light!) just finished this:

Attached are the pattern and a photo of the shawl pre-blocking.

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Oh my God! That is truly

Oh my God! That is truly amazing. As I'm just struggling with my first proper lace project I'm in awe of this knitter's skill and patience.

Will I ever get there! Who knows but I'm enjoying the challenge.

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Of course you'll get there.

Of course you'll get there. Just keep knitting.

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Darlene has knitted the

Darlene has knitted the shawl beautifully. Mario the Magnificient what an inspired design.

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divine. truly! Grace and

divine. truly!

Grace and Peace,

Gee, I must learn to check

Gee, I must learn to check my spelling. I made a few boo boo's in the last comment.

Bryan Probst

Mmario: That is really

Mmario: That is really lovely work. You are very good. I will try to most my current projects today or tomorrow. One is the shaly made in the opposite direction from the last two and the other is a simple towel that I am making using some cotton in. Got to reduce the stock. Again, beautiful work sir.

Bryan Probst

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Absolutely gorgeous! Your

Absolutely gorgeous! Your designs are incredibly impressive.


It is a fabulous piece -

It is a fabulous piece - just stunning. It makes me wonder why I bother.

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Franklly, looking at

Franklly, looking at Darlene's work I'm scared to attempt this myself!


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HOLY S**T! Queued 3 times

HOLY S**T! Queued 3 times in less then 15 minutes after posting on Ravelry.

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That is

That is just...awesome!


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Can't wait until that's on

Can't wait until that's on my needles. Great pattern, Mario. (Although I'm not sure I'll be true to it's name and knit it in white. I have some green that tends to the blue side that I think I might use.) But then, again, the white is awesome.

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Now I understand why you

Now I understand why you have to block. I never have to block any of my stuff, so this was a suprise to me.

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If you compare the two shots

If you compare the two shots of this shawl - it becomes obvious that blocking can "make" a piece of lace.

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Absolutely stunning- it

Absolutely stunning- it looks like its alive and pulsating!

Veni, vidi, kniti.

Thanks for describing it

Thanks for describing it better Albert. response sounds so creepy now!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. So

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. So beautiful! Maybe it is cause I have not smoked a cig in almost 5 mos but I am finding this shawl so hypnotic too. It is hard to describe...but it brings pleasure just staring at it. Great job again!

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That is awesome,

That is awesome, congratulations! I quit 14 months ago, most difficult thing I have ever done.