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We were on vacation last week and, while I didn't get a lot of knitting done, I did manage to get a pumpkin hat done for my daughter:

*Yarn: Nashua Handknits: Creative Focus Superwash
*Needles: 8 & 6 (I used DPNs the whole way through)
*Pattern: Fiber Trend's "Patrick's Pumpkin" (CH-14)
*Size (Small - 19" head)

It's a fun little pattern and goes quickly - It's a little more involved than the "Berry hat" that I've made before, but it's definitely more pumpkin-y. The only odd thing about it is that you knit the "leaves" on the bottom first and then pick up the stitches after that - I had some problems (picked up the stitches on the wrong side, but... oh well.

This is the Smallest size on the pattern it also has a med (20 1/2" head) and a Large (22 1/2" head).

We also hit a "few" wineries :-) -- hmm... that, and the fact that I came down with a cold might have contributed to the lack of knitting...

Oh, and I got the lion's share of another one of Jared's (brooklyntweed's) Habitat hats done... this one is to match the cabled scarf I finished a while ago. The only problem is that I ran out of yarn with about a dozen rows left! ugh! Fortunately, the farm had more and it matched well. Only 3 rows left!

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Tim, that is a lovely hat a

Tim, that is a lovely hat a lovely daughter. Glad you had a relaxing vacation and that is what they are for. Are you a pastor in a Christian Reformed Church? I have many friends of that faith in Strathroy Ontario - a little town with two of them. And, of course, Holland has such wonderful knitting traditions.

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Ron... I'm actually a

Ron... I'm actually a minister in the Reformed Church in America (RCA). The Christian Reformed Church (CRCNA) broke away from the RCA about 150 years ago. They're typical sisters. The two denominations are almost exactly alike in most ways but manage to argue about just about anything -- "she looked at me" "she touched me," etc. :-)

Grace and Peace,

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the hat is great and the

the hat is great and the daughter adorable! and I loooooooove going to leelanau, but only go there for day trips :p Did you happen to stop and Inish knits? haven't been there in a long time but love that yarn shop.

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I actually did get to Irish

I actually did get to Irish Knits in Cedar.. It's a great little shop. My understanding is that the current owner took over about a year or two ago (this is my second year up there). She has a nice selection of yarn and is starting to carry some wheels -- very friendly shop!

Grace and Peace,

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yes she took over the shop

yes she took over the shop not long before I met you boys :) some of the roving she gets in there is just DELICIOUS! I have had to stay away from there since I am out of work because the last time I was there I dropped $300 and wondered where it all went LOL

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Good Lord, what are you

Good Lord, what are you feeding Sophia? She has been growing like a weed!! The pumpkin hat looks great..what a great treat for her.

A couple years ago I circumnavigated the state of Michigan on my motorcycle... the U.P. was definately my favorite place. So pristine and beautiful. Can you share the name of the cabins in Northport?? I am looking for a reasonably priced off-season get-away.

Looking for another local adventure? My elder sister just dropped off one of her art quilts at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids. She did a traditional Hawaiian Christmas Quilt (in red and white) and it will be on display there. She says the River Walk in G.R. is a beautiful walk and they have some fun little cafes, too.

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For the most part, we feed

For the most part, we feed her anything she'll eat :-) She's so small for her age that we end up feeding her things we never thought we would!

As for the place to stay. We stayed at: I found them on vrbo -- there are some wonderful places on there all over the country -- It's a site I'll go back to.

Congratulations on your sister's quilt. We haven't been up to the museum for a few years; should get back up there again!

Grace and Peace,

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Welcome home Tim...glad you

Welcome home Tim...glad you had such a nice time.

While you were gone, I have been driving all over the Eastern side of your state (Flint, Ypsilanti, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Bay City) and even in-land the trees still looked beautiful.

Love the do nice work and you couldn't have chosen a better model.

As for the tantrums issue, I always could be could be me!

Good luck with that! :)

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now, now, Joe... I can't

now, now, Joe... I can't believe you haven't grown out of your tantrums yet... although in church yesterday, I described our lives as a "season of tantrums" that.. "if it wasn't me it was my daughter" -- it got a few good twitters of laughter (twitters are about all we get in reformed church circles!)

Grace and Peace,

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog She is definitely adorable, the hat looks fantastic!

Hello. I did know that you

Hello. I did know that you had a daughter. What a beautiful hat for a beautiful little girl. Where did you go on the vacation? Take care.

Bryan Probst

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We were up on the Lelanau

We were up on the Lelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan. It's the second year we've gone up there for vacation, and since it was the end of October it was TOTALLY the off season and we didn't have to deal with any crowds or a lot of tourists. The area has dozens of great wineries and vineyards. We stayed in a cabin in Northport (which we never could have afforded on the "in" season but in October was better priced than a hotel!)

The fall colors were even still great despite the fact that it was so late int he season. The water around the peninsula keeps them on the trees longer than inland.

Our daughter's name is Sophia (aka "phia"). She'll be 3 in January and is, unfortuantely, going through a pretty extensive tantrum stage... oh well....

Grace and Peace,

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Very cute, your daughter

Very cute, your daughter looks adorable in it.


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Agreed. Adorable.

Agreed. Adorable.