Komi Mittens

Here is a picture of my recently completed Komi Mittens (Traditional Russian Two-Color Knitting).  These are from "Mostly Mittens" by Charlene Schurch.

Komi Mittens

These were a whole hell-of-a-lotta fun. Check out more pictures and project specifics here: brooklyntweed.blogpot.com

Knit on!


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They are freaking

They are freaking beautiful!  Great job!

They are fantastic. I

They are fantastic. I recently tried my hand at 2 colour knitting, not as easy as it looks but you've inspired me to keep on trying.


Beautiful!  Absolutely

Beautiful!  Absolutely stunning and so neat!  My congratulations.  Excellent!

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 When I did a lot of

 When I did a lot of tapestry (needlepoint), it was said that the quality of a person's work could be seen on the underside of the canvas.  I find the same to be true of knitting and these gorgeous mittens are a case-in-point.  When the interior shows such quality workmanship, one knows that a true craftsman knitted them.  You've done an awesome job on these.  I really must try to knit a pair of mittens some day and also try my hand at Fair Isle.  Thanks for sharing - I'm inspired!

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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These are gorgeous! 

These are gorgeous!  Excellent job!