OT: Rainbow Over Truckstop

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Thought I'd share this with you guys. Was sitting in my truck and saw this great rainbow forming. As I forgot my video camera at home I shot this with my webcam.



Love a good rainbow. I've

Love a good rainbow. I've seldom been in place to see a whole rainbow, rarer still a double rainbow (which of couse this is not) but, still a nece rainbow. I hope to some day see a whole double rainbow. I don't even know if that's possible. As a kid, rainbows got me started into science. Did I say I love a good rainbow... thanks.

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complete double rainbows are

complete double rainbows are possible; as are complete triple rainbows. I've never seen a complete arc on a quadruple, but it *may* be possible.

Of course by the time you get to a quadruple it's kinda hard to see the whole arc at once...

(we used to get many, many raibows in our back yard)

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Love the rainbow. You

Love the rainbow. You truckers have all the fun!

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Glad you guys enjoyed it. I

Glad you guys enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty cool too.


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What a great video. It is

What a great video. It is selsom that we see a complete rainbow, really enjoyed it. Thanks

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I've always been fascinated

I've always been fascinated by rainbows. Also, I've always felt a fair amount of disappointment that you can't get to the end of one. I've never expected a pot of gold or anything like that...I've just wanted to be able to stand inside one.

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Wow Mason, that's amazing!

Wow Mason, that's amazing! I love the electricity wires, the trucks, and the rainbow, all together! Did you find a pot of gold?

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Mason Thanks, it is very


Thanks, it is very beautiful. I love how the sky on the "inside" of the rainbow is always brighter than the sky "outside"