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Here is a link to a filming made of Victor (Elemmaciltur), it is in German but it is fun to watch. Not sure what it was made for.


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Oh it's also

Oh it's also here. :-p Thanks everyone!

That was earlier in this year.

I was also interviewed by another channel last year, but the interview has just been broadcasted with me as a studio guest on Tuesday. Not sure when I'll be getting the DVD for that though.

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I agree, what an awesome

I agree, what an awesome video! It's also nice that it's done so professionally, more like a true documentary instead of the usual Youtube stuff. The colors and the detail are wonderful. I don't recall much Deutch either, but that doesn't detract from enjoying it:)

Ich bin eine Krocheter:)

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LOL, well, because it wasn't

LOL, well, because it wasn't a YouTube production, but actually I was interviewed by a German TV channel and they filmed it and broadcasted it out earlier in the year. That's why it's professionally done. The programme was about an hour long. What you saw on YouTube was the part about me.

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Simply fantastic!

Simply fantastic!

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I agree! Fantastic...

I agree! Fantastic... suddenly I want to give up my job so that I can learn to spin and then knit all day.

This morning I started a new project and almost took the day off work so that I could keep going with it!!

Money won out and here I am still at work...

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What a great vid -- I was

What a great vid -- I was actually in town (with decent internet) so quick downloaded it yesterday. My German is over a decade old so I don't trust it for specifics, but did they say he knew 12 languages?! WOW!

Grace and Peace,

I heard the same thing -- 12

I heard the same thing -- 12 languages! WOW X 12 ! -- Dan

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Yea, he is really amazing

Yea, he is really amazing and cute to boot!


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That was really cool!

That was really cool! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to Victor!

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Thanks. That was a

Thanks. That was a wonderful video.