Collar Crazy

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These are a selection of some of the collars I've done and donated to Italian Greyhound Rescue to sell. They made their debut at the Italian Greyhound Rescue table, part of the All About Pets Fair at the Empire State Plaza this weekend.  I had to work fast at that table to keep up with replacing collars that sold! I know there are so many people that hate the fun-fur and eyelash yarns for human wear, but it makes for some mighty attractive pooch accessories.  Since so much of what I used for these was either given to me or was on sale for ridiculously low prices, it kept the costs down.  I have to do up more for our monthly adoption awareness table at one of the local pet supply stores. 




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Hi Aaron,What a great

Hi Aaron,

What a great feeling you must get when you see your work get sold so quickly and an extra buzz when it is for a great cause.


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Those look fantastic!  No

Those look fantastic!  No wonder they are so popular!!  Cool  Great job!!



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Aaron,  Those are wonderful

Aaron,  Those are wonderful and I admire you for donating all this work, effort and time  to such a worthy cause.  I am not surprised that the demand was great.  Congratulations!  Jesse 


I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.