Another EZ turn

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This is the final result of all that knitting. It’s a strange procedure, although if you know anything about EZ’s patterns, that’s the way she does things. There usually are no seams, and is usually done all in garter stitch. There is only one seam (at shoulders/neck area) in this case. All the shaping is done with the short-rows, and the whole thing is just one continuous piece of knitting. It all comes together at the end, and you can finally see what it is. It is fun to do!

The sizing is done by using heavier weight yarns and larger needles. There are some adjustments that can be made by adding or decreasing some stitches where needed, but once you get the initial number set, the rest is just plain mindless knitting. I could finish it with some I-cord around the edges, but this one is only a "sample" and probably will be ripped out.

This was the “sample” and I really do like the look of it, so am planning on doing one in my size, with some of my handspun, once I decide on a colour!


well done that looks great.

well done that looks great. I would like to try one myself. I have my grandson to try it out on!

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