help needed....urgently, so that means NOW!

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I've been set a challenge by a friend yesterday evening, she poored out the contents of her bag, which contained some ghastly wool and angora in awfull colours, and now she expects me to knit something nice with it....any suggestions??

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What I would do and I'm

What I would do and I'm bucking for a shawl or throw as the yarns look pretty fine and the drape would suit these garments: Divide the colours into 3 groups: light value, (the off whites) med (the light blues and taupes) and dark (the left overs) knit singley and blend them. I recommend using a double seed stitch pattern, which blurs lines admirably~ do between 2-5 rows of each color to create an ombre effect so the garment "waves" from dark to light. Alice Starmore's SWEATERBOOK FOR MEN has a pretty nice example of this technique in a men's sweater.

It's like PROJECT RUNWAY for knitters. Actually, that would be a pretty cool challenge: Give 25-30 knitters the exact same balls of yarn, like above and a month to complete any garment they choose, and post the resluts.

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where was your mind when you

where was your mind when you typed this???


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Maybe a striped pillow with

Maybe a striped pillow with the stripes extremely narrow so the colors blend. Then tell her since you MADE it...she has to have it always on her couch for everyone to see!

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i have seen what amazing color work you do. i think making the striped thing is not a bad idea and the colors might work well in certain juxtapositions and in varied widths. could be very dynamic and not ugly at all

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I like the way you

I like the way you think....knit a horrible pillow and force her to display it....very vindictive....whuahahahaha!

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If she doesn't want to

If she doesn't want to display it....smother her with it (Asplund's suggestion).

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Knit her a tapestry. That

Knit her a tapestry. That way you can use all the colors without feeling ashamed that someone is walking around wearing an item you knitted with sky blue, burgundy, cream, rust, tan, fluorescent blue, navy, flesh tone, forest green, and powder blue yarns.

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I'd just crank out some sort

I'd just crank out some sort of multi-colored scarf.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog You should make her and entrelac top, that would work with little diamonds, squares of each color!

Does she expect you to use

Does she expect you to use everything in one project?

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Does she care "What" you

Does she care "What" you make?

I'm not sure if the colours are true on my monitor - but I could see the two reddish ones and that light one in the center working together for a striped scarf; and the remaining ones then become a bit more workable...I suspect that if you can work out something YOU can deal with she will be happy with whatever you do.

At least it isn't pepto-bismal pink.

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Tell her no?

Tell her no?

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You obviously don't know

You obviously don't know human being has ever told her no and survived